One Pattern Seven Bloggers - The Big Reveal

Monday, September 2, 2013
We've come to the end of the second One Pattern Seven Bloggers challenge and it's now time to reveal our finished Macarons.




First off, can we talk about the pockets? In-pleat pockets are officially my favourite kind of pocket! My mind is blown as to why I have never used them before, as it is, I'm quite sure I see a few Macaron skirts in my future. As some of the other challenge participants noted, the skirt is much more of a tulip shape than the pattern pictures make out and to be honest, that's why I love it. The soft pleats are very flattering across your tummy when you've had a big lunch and they hide the deep pockets so well, you could keep all number of curiosities in them and no one would know.




For this version, I moved the side zip to the centre back - something I tend to do for almost everything if I can get away with it. I'm one of these people who does their hair before they get dressed and prefer to step into a dress as opposed to pull it on over my head. I also inserted it using my preferred zip insertion method, the lapped zipper.

I underlined the yolk/sleeve fabric with a plain white cotton to stop it being as see through and replaced the neck facing with white bias binding that I hand stitched to the underlining.





I also chose to omit the bodice waist band as I tend to wear belts with almost everything. Though before I had even thought of doing that, I had to quite drastically lengthen the main bodice piece (even if I was going to keep the waist band!). I'm now officially confused as to whether I'm long waisted, short waisted or just average waisted as with almost every pattern I've made, I have to make one of the above mentioned alterations to my waist length. Any one care to fill me in on how I decide whether I'm short, long or average in the waist-length department?




Overall, I found this pattern lovely to work with. The combination of fabrics you could choose for the dress are endless as well as the number of different changes you could make (Kat made a peplum top from hers!!). The instructions are easy to follow and the dress doesn't use a lot of fabric. In fact, I loved making this pattern so much that I hopped straight back to it and made a second Macaron for the Sew Weekly Reunion Challenge right after I was done with this first version.

But, let's not forget that amazing giveaway we promised when we first announced the Challenge. The prizes have been drawn but firstly, a huge Thank You to our fabulous sponsors who donated the amazing prizes to us.

And the winners are...

Lill - 1 x Macaron Pattern thanks to Colette Patterns
Josephine - 1 x Macaron Pattern thanks to Guthrie & Ghani
MaciNic - 1 x Macaron Pattern thanks to Stitch 56
Elizabeth - 1 x Pattern of your choice thanks to Sew Squirrel
Kathleen S - 1 x Colette Pattern of your choice thanks to Indie Stitches
Joanne - 1 x Colette Pattern of your choice thanks to The Haby Goddess
Amy - 1 x $20 gift voucher thanks to Fabric Worm
Sew Charleston - 1 x $30 gift voucher thanks to A Fashionable Stitch

All winners will be receiving an email from one of us shortly!!

Make sure you head on over to visit everyone else involved in the challenge, they've made some amazing creations. While I've gone the more casual route, there are some stunning evening versions in there which really does show how versatile this pattern can be -

Marie from A Stitching Odyssey
Reana Louise from Reana Louise
Rachel from My Messings
Sam from Buckingham Road



As I was editing these photos, it occurred to me that this looks a little like a modern version of Dorothy's dress from The Wizard of Oz and that I really should have worn red shoes for this photo shoot. Oh well, now I know what I'm going as to my next costume party, I just need to borrow a Toto from someone (can a black cat play Toto? We picked them up today, hooray!!)...

32 comments on "One Pattern Seven Bloggers - The Big Reveal"
  1. Haha, red shoes would have been perfect! I'm not sure I've seen the Macaron without the waistband, and I really adore it! I think sometimes the Macaron can shorten people's bodies, but maybe that's just because it's drafted a bit short? I had to lengthen mine lots, too! But this is so, so flattering. Also you look great in this blue x

  2. I love the way you've matched up these two fabrics with the two types of check. Love it.

    I always consider myself long in the waist, simply because with most patterns the waist line is two high on me, so I lengthen it by about an inch, which seems to work. Highly technical estimation you note :-)

    When do you expect to be back in NZ?

  3. oh i love the way the checks on the yoke mirror the bias checks on the bodice. lovely work! and very dorothy! looking at the pics i would say you were averagely waisted but it kind of depends how tall you are! i am 5'9" so i lengthen all bodices by 2-3" minimum and skirts by a similar amount.

  4. ARGH - I LOVE it! I want one for myself now!!!!!!
    lol and red shoes would be fab with it, very Dorothy indeed!

  5. O,g yes you are Dorothy! That is awesome. I absolutely love this dress. What a fun fabric! I love the giant gingham. I think I might have to go buy some for myself. You've done an awesome job as always!

  6. Nice Jen! Super bright and very Dorothy.

  7. A-freakin-dorable!
    How awesome is your pattern matching at the back?!

  8. I wasn't able to visualize the finished product when you showed the fabrics, but it's so perfect! I really love how the texture of the white mirrors the pattern of the blue. So pretty! I've had this pattern for years but never felt very inspired to try it out. I think you just changed that!

  9. Lovely dress and great fabric choices for it. Congratulations to the winners!

  10. Lovely version of the Macaron. The fabric is so cute, I love it on you!

  11. I love it! Suits you perfectly and fits really well. I love the fabric combination, and the construction is beautiful! I can't wait to see all the other finished Macarons.

    Oh, and I agree that red shoes would have been perfect! Although the shoes you wore with it are super cute too.

  12. Sa-weeeet! I love that this has turned into a Modern Wizard of Oz dress. That giant gingham is a winner.

  13. Ooooh gorgeous!! I love that this worked in drill

  14. Oh Jen, this is deliciously fresh looking! I love your colour combination and the gingham! Definitely a modern day Dorothy...genius!

  15. I like to move my zippers to the back, too! It's easier to get in and out of then. I love the textured yoke and I DO think it looks a bit like a modern Dorothy, but in a good way. It looks like a fresh updated version of a classic.

    I had so much fun doing this series with you!

  16. Love your dress and the pattern is so well matched. Great job!

  17. Such a lovely dress, that fabric is stunning :)

  18. I thought I left a comment yesterday but it seems to have vanished. Great dress - I like the fabric choice and you did well with the matching. I like those shoes with it though red could work too. I think you also look like Alice in Wonderland - you could accessorise with playing cards which might be easier.

  19. Super cute! Love the fabrics you chose. Beautiful use of them too. Love the diagonal squares.
    This would be a great modern version of Dorothy!

  20. It SO is a modern Wizard of Oz dress! And since it's a modern re-imaging I say go for a cat Toto.

    Love it!!

  21. This is so cute! I love it! I'm so glad you guys did this challenge again-- what fun!

  22. your dress is so pretty.. and i love all the neat little details you photographed - you have some made skills, lady :)

  23. Your Macaroon is really lovely. You did such a nice job on it. Super pretty. - Anna

  24. Cute dress, I love the blue and white together. Is the white fabric you used from Spotlight? I have fabric that is practically identical but teal and when I bought it, I did see a white version.

  25. I love the Macaron dress! Your version is lovely. I agree those pockets are wonderful and the skirt and fitted bodice are so flattering.

  26. I love this dress, especially the fabrics you used absolutely stunning

  27. WOW! this is my favourite of the reveal. The dress looks absolutely flawless and the fit looks unbelievable. An inspiration

  28. My favourite of the reveal. The dress is flawless and the fit is so perfect... an inspiration

  29. Thanks so much everyone!

    Zoe - Yes, this is from Spotlight :) I think I did see the other colourway but since I had already chosen the blue and white gingham, the white worked best :)


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