The Felicity Dress Sew Along {Sort of...}

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hey there guys!

I'm just popping in to give you The Felicity Dress 'dip-your-toes-in-when-you-feel-like-it' Sew Along dates (aka, What I'm planning to talk about and roughly when OR The Felicity Dress Reference Along).

Before I launch in, I just want to point out that the timeline below isn't your typical 'Sew Along' timeline. It's really stretched out. Like, I'll have a baby by the time it's finished kinda stretched out.

I've decided to do it this way because personally, if I'm not participating in a sew along, no matter how interesting/informative the content may be, I tend to find them, well, kinda boring.

When I was running The Bronte Top Sew Along, even though I was the one running it, I ended up getting so bored of solely posting sew along posts for several weeks straight (and I'm sure regular readers that weren't taking part must have been equally, if not more so, bored). It just completely took over and this is mostly why I've not run an official sew along for any of my other patterns since.

I feel like generally, sew alongs are more like reference guides, no body really reads them from start to finish and I think there are very few people that actually follow along in time with the sewing part (am I wrong?). I've found that generally, people like to dip their toes in here or there, they jump from one technique to another, based on their skill level and how quickly they like to sew. Some might 'sew along' in a years time when they finally find the time to stitch up the pattern.

Doing it this way not only allows me to really think about each topic and write in-depth about them without getting overwhelmed (and bored), but it also allows me to think and write about things that aren't sew along related in between, without feeling bad that I might miss a date or two. That also gives people who are reading my blog, but not taking part, a breather from a constant barrage of sew along posts and hopefully keeps the content a little more relevant and interesting to them.

Felicity is such a quick wee make and it really does lend itself to so many interesting techniques to talk about that don't just apply to this particular pattern. It also gives me a great excuse to talk about my very favourite thing - breaking the sewing rules!

So, while it's still a Sew Along in it's content, it's a sew along that isn't going to solely take over my blog. Having it stretch out over a longer length of time means that I can add in other interesting little discussion points as and when I feel like it (or as they pop up - so if you have any questions, feel free to sing out!) without feeling restricted. It also means I'll hopefully have a few pre-written blog posts for that hazy new-born-no-sleep phase (yes, just a phase...).

Maybe I should rename it The Felicity Dress Reference Along...?

Below are the topics I'll be covering along with a timeline. I'll be posting them once a week, and on the odd occasion, twice, depending on the subject -

Wednesday 11th March

Wednesday 15th April
Monday 10th August

Monday 31st August

Monday 7th September

Monday 12th October

Monday 27th October

Monday 28th September
Pattern Testers Blog Tour and some of your Felicity Dresses

If you've made a Felicity Dress and want to be included, send me an email and let me know, I'd love to show it off here (with a link to you of course!).

Fun Extras
These are a few little extra tutorials that I thought I'd throw in as and when I had time. The maternity skirt will probably come a bit sooner though...

  • Making and inserting piping into the Yoke Pockets
  • Adding a lining to skirt sections
  • How to make a peplum top from the Felicity Dress Pattern
  • How to make a Maternity skirt from the Felicity Dress Pattern

PHEW! Are you exhausted by that list? I'm actually excited, I've already written a bunch of them and can't wait to share them with you.

And of course, the obligatory blog button :) If you're taking part, feel free to grab the code below so that you can let everyone know.

Grab button for The Felicity Dress Sew Along by Jennifer Lauren
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6 comments on "The Felicity Dress Sew Along {Sort of...}"
  1. This sounds awesome Jen, as a novice sewer I am going to learn so much. I was just thinking last night it would be cool to take a sewing class, and I wake up this morning and you have created one for me. Only concern - I am going to be far too impatient to wait until June to finish it so might be making multiple. (PS sleepless haze might go for 3 months, or 9, or 12… just saying x)

    1. Hehe, I was trying to convince myself that the sleepless phase would pass quickly, considering I'm already in it and he's not even here yet. So unfair...

  2. Is it possible to use an invisible zipper for this dress?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, definitely! It's exactly the same technique for inserting an invisible zip into any garment, but I will be focusing on inserting an invisible zip on the 20th May :)

  3. I was glad to find the Bronte sew along links because I just got the pattern recently, and this means I'll stall getting this pattern until closer to June too because I like knowing I can read details about steps on the off chance I'm messing up! I found the Bronte posts you did VERY helpful and am thrilled you're doing it for this too.

    1. Hi Ali, I'm so glad you found the Bronte top sew along useful!! Hopefully I'll be able to provide some extra useful information for those stitching up the Felicity dress, and thanks so much for buying a pattern by the way :) I hope you like it (come June!!).


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