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Thursday, April 5, 2012
I've been hermiting* lately. My weeks are spent head down, bum up at work and my weekends have been spent hiding away, catching up on sleep and ignoring anything I don't quite feel like doing. I think this is a combination of being too tired to do anything much and from not wanting to spend ANY money (do I hear Europe in 11 weeks? Weeeee...!).

6th April 2012 5

6th April 2012 2

Today however, marked the start of the long Easter weekend in which I will mostly sew, cook meals that take a whole day to prepare, watch TV and eat chocolate (aka be a productive chocolate-eating hermit).

And while Autumn has officially decended upon Sydney, the weather, as usual, is still lovely and warm. Perfect shorts weather infact. The wrap blouse is one I actually made back in 2010 from a vintage pattern that has never been worn on the blog! Oops.

6th April 2012 4

6th April 2012 3

In other news, I started doing an April Photo a Day on instagram (and then promptly forgot to keep taking photos on the second day, though I have started again now!). Are any of you on instagram? Let me know so I can start following you (I am jenniferlauren3 if you're interested) and I also started a Pinterest, because, you know, I need another way to waste time...

Hope you eat far too much chocolate this weekend :)


*Is that even a word?

PS) And can you tell we changed the white balance half way through these photos and I couldn't be bothered editing them? Oh the difference one little button can make...

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