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A Wedding in Three Parts - Part 1...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Warning - extremely photo intensive post!!

The weekend before the wedding, David and I spent the best part of Saturday stamping names onto name tags. It was much more time consuming than initially anticipated. But our guests really loved them so it was well worth the time!

13th Nov 2010

13th Nov 2010 2

Thursday 18th November:
A lot happened on this day. We had arrived in Dunedin Wednesday night, didn't end up going to bed until later than planned and we had a big day ahead of us. We met with the venue manager and saw the venue for the first time (the garden was amazing, everything was blooming and there were colours everywhere!). We met our photographer, we did the flowers and made the cakes and made sure we had everything we needed from town.

When David and I lived in Dunedin, it was usually customary to buy a Wendy's super shake. So it was only appropriate we do the same before we got married.

18th Nov 2010

Baking our wedding cakes.

Me: Gluten free chocolate cake.
David: Gluten free fruit cake.

18th Nov 2010 3

18th Nov 2010 7

18th Nov 2010 8

18th Nov 2010 9

Making the flowers:

Robin (David's aunt) and I had a great time doing the flowers. I'm so glad she was there to help, it was a much bigger job than I had initially anticipated.

The flowers were a mixture of ones from Robin's garden, Jim's garden (David's dad) and bought flowers (and I have to thank Jeff for getting them in for us and giving them to us at cost!!).

18th Nov 2010 10
Arranged in jam jars and old milk bottles...

18th Nov 2010 11

18th Nov 2010 13

18th Nov 2010 14
It's really hard work trying to make your bouquet round!! A drink was needed.

18th Nov 2010 16

Friday 19th November:

Dropping the flowers and cakes off at the venue.

19th Nov 2010 2

19th Nov 2010 3

Looking down at Dunedin township...
19th Nov 2010 5

19th Nov 2010 6

Last minute wedding vow writing! I had the basic ideas written down, they just needed some fine tuning before we met with the celebrant at the venue after we had dropped off the flowers.

19th Nov 2010

Later that night our families met for the first time (yup that's right. They live on opposite ends of different islands!). We had drinks and I saw one of my best friends from uni who had come over from Brisbane for the wedding walking across the street. She came back with me to the hotel I was staying in that night and we chatted and caught up while I set my hair.

It was 11.30pm by the time I went to bed. A tiny bit exhausted, but happy, calm and not the least bit stressed.

The next day, I got married.
Wedding day photos to follow...


Happily Married...

Saturday, November 27, 2010
Hello, I just arrived home.

I am happily married.

The wedding was beautiful and the honey moon equally so.

There are photos galore. I need to sort through them. I need to plan Before Wedding, The Wedding and After the Wedding posts. After I've sorted photos and have our official ones back of course.

For now I'm off to brain storm ideas I had while away, play with my kitties and relax...

Talk soon,


An Announcement...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Hello everyone,

I'm off to marry this guy...


Be right back.


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