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The End of Another Year...

Friday, December 24, 2021
Millie says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oh 2021, what strange one you were...

I can't quite gather all of my feelings for 2021 into one space, they feel like they're scattered to all parts of the sphere, much like 2021 was in general really. Fragmented and disorganised, with some sparkly, glittery bits sprinkled throughout, along with several doses of sharp pointy bits for good measure - just to make sure I was awake and paying attention. 

If I can take anything away from 2021 JLH Business-wise though, it's that I've laid some really good foundations for what 2022 will be.  And those foundations should flow into other things, making life in general, a little more flowy...

I'm summing this past year up as a ground-work, foundation-building year for all the fruit that 2022 will hopefully bear - while hopefully not putting too much pressure on the new year. I made that mistake with 2021 and have felt the disappointment of not living up to these plans throughout the entire year.  

As I said, this year didn't come to fruition as I had intended. I didn't release as many new patterns as I had hoped,  I didn't re-release as many older patterns as I had planned. I didn't do as many tutorials as I had wanted, and I didn't do any Sew Alongs as intended.  However, all of these things have either been planned/sketched/filmed/photographed/fitted/written etc to some extent this year, all culminating in what I hope will be a fruitful 2022. 

2022 has lots in store pattern release-wise - I have no less than three wrap dresses to drop, a free pattern that I hope will give you a glimpse into how JLH patterns fit if you've never made one of my patterns before. As well as my version of a relaxed yet glam lounge/PJ set and several re-releases of popular older patterns in my new sizings (Original 6-24 A to D cups and Curve 16-34 C to F cups).

I'll be taking some time away over the next few weeks to gather myself up, recharge, and step into the new year with a little more knowledge, wisdom, and perspective than I had this time last year. I'll be dropping in and out until the end of January 2022, and will be back to full steam early February when school here in NZ goes back.

I hope you're all able to take some time to rest and recuperate. If you're in the southern hemisphere, enjoy this summer sun, and for those in the northern hemisphere, enjoy all the cosy, close darkness that winter brings.

See you on the other side,



30% off STOREWIDE! Sale on now!

Friday, November 26, 2021

It's time for my biggest sale of the year - if you've had your eye on a few JLH patterns then, why not snap them up for 30% off.

Use the code THANKYOU2021 at the check out.

Sale ends Monday 29th November at 11.59pm NZDT (that's New Zealand time BTW). 

I can't wait to see what you're snapping up for your end-of-year making list.



New Pattern Release! The Georgie Pinafore, A to F cups, sizes 6-34

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A classic shift-style 60s pinafore with an exposed* zip, front inseam patch pockets, and princess seams. A nod to mod with a utility twist.

I hope you're not bored of pinafore yet, because the Georgie Pinafore is here!

Designed to be paired with light layers (though the shoulders perfectly cover bra straps for warmer, non-layers days), Georgie is the perfect seasonal garment. Based on the ever popular Ivy Pinafore, if you love Ivy, you'll love Georgie!

Coming in both the Original and Curve size ranges, Georgie ranges from a 6 to 34 in A to F cups, up to a hip size 159.5cm or 62 3/4".

Pattern Details

The Georgie Pinafore is a classic, semi-fitted wardrobe staple that has been updated to include modern elements like an exposed* zip and front patch pockets.

* If exposed zips aren't your style, you can easily swap this out for your favourite type of zip, whether that's a lapped zip, centred zip or invisible zip. Ample seam allowances are included for you to use any type of zip you like, with no pattern adjustments necessary - simply insert your chosen zip however you usually would.

The gentle rounded V neckline leads down to an exposed centre front zip with princess seam shaping over the bust for a smooth fit. Georgie's shift dress silhouette includes light shaping through the waist, hips and back, with plenty of wearing ease for ultimate comfort during the day.

Make Georgie in a range of fabrics to suit your current season, from heavier wools, denim and corduroy for those in cooler climes, to heavier weight linen, lighter denim and barkcloth for a summer-ready pinafore.

Georgie is the perfect dress for cosy layering with long sleeves on cool days - Georgie is modelled here with the Gable Top - available in both the Original and Curve sizes with integrated cup sizes.

For long summer weekends though, style Georgie with a t-shirt for underneath, or nothing at all...

Pockets are incorporated into the front princess seam panel and the finished hem falls to just above the knee.

Place optional top-stitching around the neckline/zip/armscye and front/back princess seams to give your Georgie Pinafore a more modern, utility look. Otherwise, leave seams clean for a 60s-style nod to mod.

Skill Level

Georgie is designed for Intermediate Seamstresses, though if you're confident and looking to up-skill, Georgie could be perfect for learning a new technique or two.

Techniques include inserting an exposed zip (though you can use any type of zip here), constructing an all-in-one facing and sewing in princess seams.

A video tutorial will be available that will walk you through the best method for inserting an exposed zip (hint: it includes lots of basting, but is worth it for the excellend end result!). Other tutorials will take you through inserting an invisible zip and a lapped zip, if that's more your style.


The Georgie Pinafore includes both the Original and Curve size ranges. The Original includes sizes 6 -24 with A to D cup bodices and the Curve includes sizes 16-34 with C to F cup bodices.

You can read about the new sizing here.

Fabric Options

Georgie is suitable for a wide range of light- to mid-weight woven fabrics with some structure.

You can use denim, corduroy (including lighter pinwale or baby cord), suitings, brocade, drill and wool + wool blends.

For a summer Georgie, look for heavier linens, cotton ticking, light denim, poplin/broadcloth and cotton barkcloth.

Tatenda is wearing the Curve Georgie in a lighter denim with slightly less structure and Jen is wearing Georgie in a mammoth flannel (YES, you can make everyday clothes in flannel - secret pyjamas for the win!).

Meet the Models

In the Meet the Models section on the Georgie Pinafore listing, you can find model information like their measurements, the size and block (Original or Curve) they are wearing, as well as any pattern adjustments made to suit their individual bodies.

A huge thank you to Tatenda for modelling the Curve 24E (out to a 28 waist) Georgie Pinafore.

You can purchase your Georgie Pinafore pattern here! Available as single size range patterns (Original or Curve) or in a bundle option where you can access both size ranges.

I'd love to hear how you're getting along making your Georgie Pinafore, so why not tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #JLHGeorgie, #JLHGeorgiePinafore #SewJLH and or #JLHCurve.



New Pattern coming soon... The Georgie Pinafore!

Sunday, October 24, 2021

I hope you're not bored of pinafore's yet because my newest pattern, The Georgie Pinafore is about to land on Wednesday 27th October, unless you're subscribed to my newsletter, in which case, you'll get to see it a day earlier and have access to the subscriber-only discount.

If you're a fan of the Ivy Pinafore, you won't want to miss Georgie, so make sure you sign up to MY newsletter here before 6am Tuesday 26th October NZDT, you won't want miss out!

See you next week!



Replacing a Drawstring Waistline with Elastic

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Today I've got a handy little tutorial for you on how to replace the drawstring waistline on your Quincy/Mayberry Dresses or Farris Jumpsuit & Playsuit for elastic.

It's really simple and doesn't need any pattern alterations - just omit the front drawstring openings, construct your garment up to attaching the bodice and bottom together and then watch the video for the rest.

Remember, all three patterns (Quincy, Mayberry and Farris) are interchangeable, meaning you can become your own designer and mix and match the tops and bottoms around as you desire. Here, I've taken the Farris bodice and paired it with the Mayberry skirt, with some added length to turn it into a more midi-style skirt. This sample is made with rayon. 

You'll need:

  • Your Farris/Quincy/Mayberry pattern
  • Length of elastic (more info below), no wider than 2cm (3/4")
  • A safety pin

Elastic Type:

I used fold over elastic (FOE) for my waistline, as I had some laying around and find that it lasts longer than regular elastic. The stretchy threads are so fine and plentiful in FOE, that when a few are pierced by your machine needle when sewing, they hold up much better than elastic that has thick channels running through it.

The finished channel on your garment measures 2cm total, so don't use an elastic that is any wider than this measurement.

Elastic Length:

You can use any length of elastic you like - the general rule is your waist measurement minus 2.5cm (1") plus 1.5cm (5/8") seam allowance at each end (3cm total). But this depends on how stretchy your elastic is and your personal preferences.

I like mine looser so tend to just use my straight waist measurement plus a seam allowance. But you can also add more length and then try your garment on and adjust from there. 

Remember, it's easier to take away in the first instance than add!

Hope you liked this easy little tutorial!



New Pattern Release! The Farris Jumpsuit & Playsuit, A to F cups, sizes 6-34

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Chic and confident, fun and playful, the Farris Jumpsuit and Playsuit is perfect for any occasion, dressed up with statement earrings & heels, or played cool and casual with ballet flats or sneakers.

It's time to introduce the Farris Jumpsuit & Playsuit (or romper, if that's what you'd like to call it!), the next pattern in the Quincy/Mayberry mix'n'match sewing set.

Become your own designer by switching out tops and bottoms between all three patterns, creating an almost endless mix of perfect dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits to match your own taste and wardrobe needs.

Farris comes in both the Original and Curve size ranges, from 6 to 34 in A to cups, up to a hip size 159.5cm or 62 3/4".

AND there are two back pant patterns included in the JLH Curve pattern set - perfect if you find you need more room in the seat.

Pattern Details

With it's cute grown-on sleeves, gently V neckline and angled bust darts, Farris oozes confidence and playfulness, as well as a bit of sophistication thrown in for good measure.

Choose the short pant legs to make a fun playsuit/romper, or use the long, wide-legged pants to make the elegant jumpsuit option. Drafted for a height of 170cm/5'7", the pant falls straight down from the hip, with the short ending mid-thigh and the long leg falling to just above the ground - meaning you can wear flats confidently, knowing you won't end up dragging the back of your jumpsuit hem on the ground.

Comfort comes first, with Farris sporting the same drawstring waistline as her sisters, the Quincy & Mayberry dresses. Add in all-in-one pockets, and you've got the perfect pattern to play around with loud prints, soft colours and everything in between.

Dress Farris up with statement earrings, made in black linen or champagne coloured silk, or keep it cool and casual made in denim or rayon teamed with tennis shoes or ballet flats for the weekend.

The Farris Jumpsuit & Playsuit if perfect for wearing year-round as well! Layer up with long sleeves underneath (a Vielle or Ostara top work perfectly), and to make your playsuit winter-worthy, pop some colourful tights on underneath and throw a chunky cardigan on top for the perfect transitional garment.

Skill Level

Farris is designed for confident seamstresses looking to up-skill. Techniques covered include buttonholes, making an enclosed drawstring casing and sewing in bust darts.

I've also included bonus instructions for adding in a centre back invisible zip if you have wider/fuller shoulders, and need additional room to release the neckline in order to more easily take off your garment.


Farris includes both the Original and Curve size ranges. The Original includes sizes 6 to 24 with A to D cup bodices and the Curve includes sizes 16-34 with C to F cup bodices.

The E+F Curve bodices are shaped with two parallel side bust darts to smoothly shape the bust, while the A to D cup bodices (across both size ranges) are shaped with a single bust dart.

Due to the style of Farris, if your hip size is more than one size bigger than your waist, you should size up in the waist as well in order to fit the garment over your hips. Any additional waist ease will be cinched in with the drawstring closure.

The Curve pattern also includes two back pant options, Regular and Plus. If you generally find you need more room in the seam of your trousers, the Plus pant includes a higher back rise, a fuller curve over the buttocks and a longer crotch curve. More info is included in the pattern instructions.

PLUS, Extra Finished Garment Measurements included...

If you're worried about choosing a size, I've also included a whole bunch of additional Finished Garment Measurements. As well as the usual bust, waist and hips you'll find bicep circumference, to in-seam leg and crotch lengths to bodice length etc. Simply compare these measurements to a similar garment you already like the fit of (or one you know you'd like to alter) and you'll be surprised at how much for the hard stuff is already done.

You can read about the new sizing here.

What about the Quincy and Mayberry Dress patterns in the Curve sizes?

They will be here for early 2021 and I promise will be worth the wait. I did try to get them ready for a release a bit closer to the Farris pattern being ready, but alas, they deserve the time and attention to get them right, rather than being rushed out the door when they're not quite ready. They'll be here soon...

Fabric Options

The Farris Jumpsuit & Playsuit is suitable for a wide range of lightweight woven fabric with some drape.

Rayon, silks, crepes and other slinky fabric suit Farris perfectly - Tatenda is wearing the Curve playsuit option in rayon.

You can also choose any of your favourite fabrics from cotton lawn, voile and poplin to linen, chambray, denim and suitings, or even a pinwale corduroy (baby cord). I'm wearing the Original jumpsuit option in a light-weight denim.

As you can see in the samples, denim lends a much more structured appearance to the garment, even though it's a light-weight denim. Where as the rayon has a much smoother, more draped look.

Meet the Models

In the Meet the Models section on the Farris Jumpsuit & Playsuit listing, you can find model information like their measurements, the size and block (Original or Curve) they are wearing, as well as any pattern adjustments made to suit their individual bodies.

A huge thank you to Tatenda for modelling the Curve 24E (out to a 28 waist) Farris Playsuit.

You can find out more about us (and any particular quirks) on the listing page here.

Purchase your Farris Jumpsuit & Playsuit here now!

Digital Release Only

You will receive your pattern delivered instantly to your inbox upon check out.

From there, you can choose my easy-to-assemble print-at-home file or you can send the A0 file to a PrintShop and have them print it for you.

The Layers Function is included in all pattern files, so you can turn on and off any number/combination of sizes your heart desires.

There will be no paper pattern available for Farris at this stage.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Make sure you tag me on instagram and use the hashtags #JLHFarrisJumpsuit, #JLHFarrisPlaysuit, #SewJLH and/or #JLHCurve so I can see and share your makes!

Hope you enjoy this new pattern, can't wait to see what you do with it,



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