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Cat Fur and Photography...

Friday, February 25, 2011
Hello readers,

I've just started my photography course, two lessons down and 6 more plus a field trip to go :) I'm learning so much about my camera - some of it 'Duh! I can't believe I didn't know that' stuff and some 'Oh great, that's how you do it!' stuff. This weeks class was particularly enlightning (pun intended, we talked lighting!)

24th Feb 2011 7

24th Feb 2011 2_

I'm hoping to finish off my red skirt this weekend - the zip is in and the edges have been overlocked, it's now just a case of piecing it together and figuring out how to do a button hole with my new machine (which really is luuurvely by the way).

24th Feb 2011 3

24th Feb 2011

Out take - what I look like when trying to get cat fur off my nose (does that happen to anyone else? I get cat fur stuck to my face all the time!)

24th Feb 2011 out take



PS) A post about the devastating earthquake in Christchurch, NZ in case you missed it.


Thursday, February 24, 2011
On a sad note, Christchurch, NZ has been hit with another terrible earthquake measuring 6.3.

Many of the beautiful old buildings and churches have literally been destroyed and it has come as a shock to everyone and is making those of us far away feel a bit useless. David and I spent two nights there for our honeymoon and even then they hadn't fully recovered from the huge September quake (scaffolding on almost every building, chimneys crumpled and huge cracks up lovely old stone walls).

Thankfully, I have no family there but I do have friends there (who are all safe and well) - if you can donate anything at all, it would be very much appreciated.

For the fur babies - here. For the people - here.

This is a rather heart breaking article written by someone who lived through it...


Baby it's Hot...

Monday, February 21, 2011
The weekend decided to be really really hot. It was sticky and muggy and just generally not good weather for doing anything much except watching Poirot with the ceiling fan on.

21st Feb 2011 5

My plans to finish a red circle skirt I had cut out on Friday evening were halted and my poor new sewing machine sat unused the entire weekend (except for about 15mintues Saturday morning where I wound up a bobbin, threaded the machine and ran some of my skirt fabric through the machine to test the tension - it literally purred, I love my new machine...).

21st Feb 2011 3

21st Feb 2011 2

And this is what Monty looks like when its too hot - he sits smack bang in the middle of the lounge room floor under the ceiling fan with his belly facing up to catch as much air as possible. Cutie-poe-tootie...


XX Jen

Sweet Valentine...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
David bought me roses yesterday and hand delivered them to my work...


Valentines 2

I hope you all had a happy valentines day,


Taking the Bad with the Good...

Sunday, February 13, 2011
I had some bad news on Friday, and now I feel like I'm back to square one. I just have to remember that there are many amazing people who had to pick themselves up and try again many times before they became successful. I'm now one of them and in rather good company if I do say so myself.

4th Feb 2011 6

Luckily I had a few good things to look forward to on the weekend - Saturday I went to knitting and later that night had a very good NZ friend round to dinner. This Wednesday I start my photography course and I bought a new sewing machine.

I ended up going with this one, and bought it online (it was $250 off and they were very impressive about getting back to me with some questions I had asked). I hope it's here on Monday, because then I can finally start sewing my Swing Dress - today I plan on finally tracing and cutting my pattern (and adjusting anywhere that needs it).

4th Feb 2011 2

4th Feb 2011 3

4th Feb 2011 7
My Pinecone necklace - the cutest thing ever! Found on Etsy.

Sydney has been lovely and cool and Autumnal this weekend. The leaves have started falling from the trees which is lovely but odd as it probably won't stay cool until at least April. But I'm happy to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

I hope you are all having a great weekend,


Feeling Romantic...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Thank you for all of the sewing machine advice!

As much as I'd love a Bernina, even buying one second hand seems to be a bit pricey for me - so failing that, I think I'm still going with Janome. Now I just have to decide whether to go for new (either this or this) or second hand. I'm stalking ebay everyday but haven't seen one I want yet, so it's either play the waiting game or just jump in and buy one new. I really do want to get back to sewing asap, so if nothing comes up soon, new it is!

8th Feb 2011 5

David and I have just finished watching seasons one of both Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire. Downton Abbey is set in England just before WW1 breaks out and Boardwalk Empire in the early 20's during the prohibition era in the Sates (I've done a quick post about it here). Both have dreamy romantic costumes which inspired me to throw on these pieces last Saturday.

8th Feb 2011 3

8th Feb 2011 2

The costumes in these shows aren't what I would normally go for in dressing day to day (I'm a 50's girl at heart) but I have lately started to swoon over a few 40's patterns on Etsy and there are a few outfits in each series that I can update easily with pieces I already own.

I also love the hair styles! I really must start setting my hair regularly, and trying out different styles with it up (having your hair down in this heat is unbearable).



A Colette Pattern and a Question...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sewing 1

My first Colette Pattern - I have a bit of a thing thing for wrap dresses (or just things that wrap in general), I own three and in this horrible sticky Sydney weather, being able to just throw on a quick cotton wrap dress during the weekend is a god send.

David bought me this pattern for Christmas and I am eyeing up a few different bits of fabric from my stash to make many of these lovely little things. I'm looking forward to an easy sew too - no buttons or zips.

Sewing 2

Also, a question for all the sewers out there - what type of machine do you use? I'm thinking about upgrading - my Brother and its problems with tension is really starting to effect the quality of the things I'm making. So much so that I have to double stitch everything!

I'm eyeing up a Janome and thinking about buying an older machine mostly because they just seem to last longer and seem sturdier.
But I would love your thoughts and opinions on other brands and specific models if you'd care to share.

Thanks so much in advance,


Boardwalk Empire...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
I can't believe I've not heard hide nor hear about this series in the blogosphere yet. I knew I had better remedy that considering David and I have just finished watching the first season and are eagerly anticipating the second. So here it is, a small post on a fabulous show - Boardwalk Empire.

It's set mostly in Atlantic city (and a little in Chicago) in the early 20's just as the prohibition act became legal in the States. It's a sort of 20's gangster series about the illegal producing and selling of bootleg alcohol and the politics and people that make it happen. The story telling gets you right from episode one (which is rare for a first episode), and the costumes and set...oh don't even get me started...

The Atlantic City Boardwalk set...

Gorgeous dresses and head pieces...

All images courtsey of Google Images.

Talk about eye candy!
I highly recommend it if you are looking for your next TV series - without spoiling anything, there is lots of drama and intrigue, and if that's not your cup of tea, the whole design aspect of the series will be more than enough to keep you watching...


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