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Where's a Time Machine When You Need One?

Friday, August 5, 2011
The weeks seem to have disappeared in a blur of work lately. The last few Fridays I've woken up and realised it's Friday again and have gone on to wonder where on earth my time has gone (not that I'm complaining that it's Friday, it is Friday after all!!). I was given a mini payrise at work and walked away with more stuff on my plate than I know what to do with - how does that happen anyway?

5th August 2011 2

5th August 2011

It seems summer has come early to Sydney this last week - we've had beautiful days of sunshine (to make up for the weeks of torrential rain perhaps?) and it's been too hot to wear a cardigan or a scarf or even a pair of stockings during the day (not that I would really know, I've spent the best parts of the day in my office with my computer and only getting quick glances of the lovely day outside from breaks between emails).

I have commissioned David to write a guest post on the Vancouver part of our trip because I'm sure he'll do it much more justice than I would, and then after that I'll write about a few more bits and pieces on specific things we did and then I'll stop boring you all with my (what seems like an age or two ago now) holiday.

I've not only spent my time being busy with work though, I've been working on something rather large that isn't quite ready to share with the world just yet - it's a few months away - but I do want to thank all of the amazing people who are helping me with it. You know who you are and I owe you all cupcakes!! Or maybe macarons - I've decided that they are the next thing I need to master in the baking department (Adriano Zumbo, eat your heart out!!).

5th August 2011 6

5th August 2011 4

This is really just a quick hello as it was high time to pop in, say hi and give you an outfit post (inspired by Orla Kiely and her happy mixes of polka dots and bright colours from a few weekends ago).

Have a great weekend all,


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