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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I was going to title this blog post Itchy Feet but I thought that people might think I was referring to the wrong kind of itchy feet, you know, the fungal kind, as opposed to the traveling variety (though I'm sure if you've ever had the fungal kind, you'll know that your feet do get very itchy indeed!).

Tomorrow (!!!) David and I are heading away for 7 weeks of travel adventures. I kept meaning to post about our travel plans months ago but other things just kept popping up. We fly into Brisbane for a few days for a conference that David is presenting at before boarding a plane to Italy.

Words cannot express my excitement to finally make it to Italy. We are spending 2 weeks there, starting out in Rome and then travelling up the country by train to Florence, Padua (to explore Venice and Verona) and then onto Milan.

From there we have a 4 week long road trip around the UK. We are literally travelling all the way up and around the country, visiting as many places as possible with our main stops being Oxford, Birmingham, Lakes District, Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Anglesey, Cotswolds, Brighton and then finally back to London. Phew!

I love travelling and David and I have been very lucky to have visited some amazing places these past few years. I have very fond memories of all of those trips - I've met some amazing people, seen lots of beautiful things and I'm so excited to be doing it again.

If you have any must see places off the tourist track, favourite fabric haunts (I'm going to try to buy fabric from all of the places we go, then, every time I wear or see what ever I've made, it I'll be reminded of that place... which reminds me, I really need to make a few pretty things with my Paris fabric hoard.) or fancy a meet up if there is time, please let me know!

I'm not quite as up to date on writing posts beforehand as I thought I may have been, so these parts may be a bit quiet until I get back in late November. I still have garments I made back in Sydney that I've not had the chance to even take photos of yet, so, we'll see how that goes... :)

If you feel like following along, I'm on Instagram at Jenniferlauren3.


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