Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I was going to title this blog post Itchy Feet but I thought that people might think I was referring to the wrong kind of itchy feet, you know, the fungal kind, as opposed to the traveling variety (though I'm sure if you've ever had the fungal kind, you'll know that your feet do get very itchy indeed!).

Tomorrow (!!!) David and I are heading away for 7 weeks of travel adventures. I kept meaning to post about our travel plans months ago but other things just kept popping up. We fly into Brisbane for a few days for a conference that David is presenting at before boarding a plane to Italy.

Words cannot express my excitement to finally make it to Italy. We are spending 2 weeks there, starting out in Rome and then travelling up the country by train to Florence, Padua (to explore Venice and Verona) and then onto Milan.

From there we have a 4 week long road trip around the UK. We are literally travelling all the way up and around the country, visiting as many places as possible with our main stops being Oxford, Birmingham, Lakes District, Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Anglesey, Cotswolds, Brighton and then finally back to London. Phew!

I love travelling and David and I have been very lucky to have visited some amazing places these past few years. I have very fond memories of all of those trips - I've met some amazing people, seen lots of beautiful things and I'm so excited to be doing it again.

If you have any must see places off the tourist track, favourite fabric haunts (I'm going to try to buy fabric from all of the places we go, then, every time I wear or see what ever I've made, it I'll be reminded of that place... which reminds me, I really need to make a few pretty things with my Paris fabric hoard.) or fancy a meet up if there is time, please let me know!

I'm not quite as up to date on writing posts beforehand as I thought I may have been, so these parts may be a bit quiet until I get back in late November. I still have garments I made back in Sydney that I've not had the chance to even take photos of yet, so, we'll see how that goes... :)

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  1. Have a wonderful trip, lucky girl!

  2. I'm don't live in Glasgow but whenever I visit I always head over to Mandors for fabric http://www.mandors.co.uk/ they also have a shop in Edinburgh.

    The Lake District is also my favourite place in the whole world so you will have such a good time there! Make sure you head over to the Apple Pie Shop in Ambleside and get a boat across the lake at Bowness. I don't know of any fabric shops but you may find a little one tucked away in a village somewhere.

    Hope you have a brilliant time, you are visiting some brilliant places.

  3. Hope you have a really wonderful trip. I just got back from a late notice trip to Milan so a couple of recent finds: This is the most beautiful yarn store I have ever been in http://www.lanar.it/ and I bought a little fabric at http://www.tessutiraponi.it/ - the basement has remnants too. http://www.cantinadellavetra.it/ - is a lovely restaurant - we went twice...
    Looking forward to hearing/seeing pics from trip. J

  4. It sounds like a fantastic trip.
    Have fun.

  5. I really hope you both have a nice trip. I haven't bought fabric in any of those countries, but I totally recommend Firenze and off course the busy London! Take care!

  6. This sounds amazing! Have a great time!

  7. Wow, what an incredible adventure! Have fun!

  8. In London, you should try Goldhawk Road for a streetful of fabric shops. It's close to the Victoria & Albert Museum, so you can combine the two one day. The V&A is always worth a visit.

    If you'd rather buy more fancy, and probably more expensive fabric, then Berwick Street in Soho would be good to visit.

    If there is any chance of a London Meet Up, I am *so* there! And if you want any more info, I'm mizztigger@hotmail.co.uk.

  9. Ooh, lucky you! One of my favourite second hand haunts is Armstrong's in Edinburgh. I'm sure Debi (My Happy Sewing Place) would be happy to show you around.

    Tell me you are going to go fabric shopping in Italy!!

  10. Visit Vicenza!

    I will be in Italy at November, from Turin to Florence. Pity that we cannot meet, eh!

  11. Enjoy your trip! You're going to visit some lovely places!

  12. Woah!!! Bon Voyage, my friend! You will have a terrific time. Makes me want to go travelling now.

  13. Have a fabulous trip! If you come to Brum, you must go to the rag market and Barry's fabrics. Give me a shout if you fancy meeting up x

  14. that sounds like an amazing trip! i don't have any tips apart from going and contemplating the cathedral in florence. seriously, i still dream about it...
    have fun!!

  15. Hope you have a lovely time!
    I can say I'm a little jealous, I've always wanted to go to Italy.
    Dublin is lovely :) my brother lived there for a few years before moving back to Sweden.

  16. How exciting! I would love to travel throughout Europe with my mister one day too! Can't eat too see Europe through your eyes! Hope you have loads of fun and safe travels! :)

  17. What a trip! I live in the Lake District and of course the outdoors are our treasure. Tarn how's is a lovely spot and Gummers how for an easily reached fab view. For visits I love Levens hall and Beatrix potters house. No great fabric shops though I'm afraid. Fabrix at Lancaster is probably the best Have fun. Xxx

  18. I hope you have lots of fun on your trip. If you have the opportunity I would suggest you go to Cornwall to Mount St Micheal and the Eden Project.

  19. What an amazing sounding trip!

    I lived in Oxford for several years and unfortunately it is severely lacking in fabric shops! The only one in the city centre worth visiting is Darn It and Stitch. Expensive though! If you fancy a really good burger visit Atomic Burger on Cowley Road. It's amazing!

    I live in London now and would totally recommend Goldhawk Road or Walthamstow if you don't mind a short tube journey to get there. Let me know if you're free to meet up in London!


  20. YIPPPPEEEEE....was so much fun to meet you!!! Have a fabulous time on the rest of your trip!! xoxoxox

  21. I hope you have a lovely trip!!! I haven't gone abroad in over a year now, I have the itch as well!

  22. have a nice trip The Lake District is also my favourite place


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