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New Pattern Release - The Emmie Tee

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Let your design star shine! Pair any number of fabric combinations together for a unique and truely outrageous Emmie Tee.

It's time to channel your inner Jem & the Holograms fan girl (or maybe you're more of a Misfit?) - let me introduce you to the first brand new JLH Pattern for the year, the Emmie Tee!

The Emmie Tee is available in both the Original and Curve sizes, with A to F cups included, in sizes ranging from an NZ 6 to 34.

The Details

The Emmie Tee comes complete with two bodice variations - plain or slashed, as well as two different bodice lengths and a long sleeve pattern piece for those of us heading into the cooler months.

View 1 is ready to tackle your knit fabric scrap pile by combining the classic 80s slashed and pieced bodice with grown-on sleeves and a rounded neckline. The fabric combinations you can put together are endless - go for full rainbow, neutral colour-block or pattern clash perfection. You can even keep your top more subtle by using the same plain fabric for all pieces and letting the design lines sing for themselves.

If a classic t-shirt is more up your street, there's also a cut-on-the-fold front bodice (View 2), making construction even quicker and simpler for those just starting on their knit-fabric sewing adventure.

With a more relaxed fit through the bodice and a very gentle dropped shoulder/grown-on sleeve, both views include cut lines for a classic length t-shirt bodice as well as a long-line hem length.

Then, depending on your season, keep the cuffed grown-on short sleeves or use the ease Turn & Hem long-sleeved pattern piece for year-round comfort.

Multiple Cup Sizes - A to F

The Emmie Tee includes both the Original and Curve sizes, spanning from a 6A/B cup all the way up to a 34E/F cup.

Depending on the size range you choose and your cup size, Emmie can have zero to positive ease at the bust, along with positive ease through the waist. A lightly shaped but relaxed t-shirt, Emmie looks great tucked into bottoms or worn out.

Included in the instructions are a detailed set of Finished Garment Measurements, meaning you're able to compare these to a similar garment that you currently like the fit of, or know you want to adjust. This takes much of the guess work out of making Emmie, before you've even cut anything out.

Annabel wear a Curve 24C/D cup, graded to a 26 waist and hip. Jen wears a 10C cup  - you can read more about us on the pattern listing page.

Skill Level

Emmie is designed for knit-fabric beginners through to advanced seamstresses. If you've never sewn with knits before, Emmie is the perfect project to dip your toes into the wonderful world of knits.

Get creative with piecing together different knit fabrics or make the plain t-shirt - both are quick makes with techniques including sewing on a neckline binding, attaching cuffs to the short sleeves, and attaching long sleeves with hems.

Fabric Suggestions

Look for light to medium weight fabrics (around 180GSM). Fabric should have good stretched across the grain, approximately 40% with good recovery. Cotton/elastane (spandex/lycra) blends are the best choice for a breathable and easy-care garment that is comfortable and fits well.

All variations can be made with the same fabric as the body, or rummage in your knit-stash for contrasting colour and pattern blocking potential.

If using multiple fabrics, try to keep these the same weight and composition for a uniformly finished tee.


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I've also posted some Reels on choosing your JLH Cup size and the importance of choosing the right High Bust size for a great fit in the upper bodice.

If you're not following along already, you can find me here.

And while you're at it, when sharing your JLH makes to the 'gram, tag me or use the hashtags #JLHEmmie, #SewJLH or #JLHCurve so I can see and share them too.

Your FREE JLH Skirt Pattern...

Monday, December 19, 2022

Comfortable and quick to whip up, you'll have a dozen wrap skirt 

beauties in rotation before you know it...

As the holiday season fast approaches, I wanted to give you a little gift to say THANK YOU for all of your support this year.

You can now turn your Isla and/or Jade Wrap Dress patterns into chic, easy and comfortable wrap skirts with their Free Skirt Expansion Packs.

Get your FREE Jade or Isla Wrap Skirt Expansion Packs Now...

Being someone who is instinctively drawn to dresses, having enough simple, easy separates in my wardrobe is something I'm sorely lacking.

I'm going to be focussing a lot more on separates in 2023, so gifting this little expansion pack to you felt like the right place to get the 2023 sewing year off to a great start.

So if you've been meaning to snap up (or you already own) the Jade or Isla Wrap Dress patterns, make sure you grab their free skirt expansion packs as well, so you can get even more use out of your patterns...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Details

Whether it's a sleek A-line skirt you prefer or an easy gathered number, the Jade and Isla Wrap Skirt Expansion packs give you all the option you need to extend the use of your current dress patterns.

Both skirts include inseam pockets and fall gracefully to just below the knee. Long tines give the option of a dramatic front or side bow, and these lengths are easily adjusted for your own personal preferences - making them shorter for a less showy bow, or longer to give the option for tying in the back.

There are no additional closures needed for your skirts - the underside tie is threaded through a buttonhole made on your sewing machine, which makes for a quick and easy sew, with no extra fuss.

There is no need to fear windy days either, as the back overlaps almost side seam to side seam on both skirts. Stepped in just a smidge so you can't see the edge of the skirt when looking from the front.


Both the Jade and Isla Wrap Dresses, as well as their Wrap Skirt Expansion Packs are available in the Original and Curve sizes, with A to F cups included, in sizes ranging from an NZ 6 to 34.


A wide range of fabrics can be used for your skirts. The Jade A-line skirt works well across light to mid-weight fabrics like rayons and silks for summer, or wools and corduroy for winter. Choose lighter weight fabrics with some draped for the gathered Isla skirt.

My maroon plaid Jade Skirt is made from a light-weight vintage wool blend, lined with a polyester lining. The mustard gathered Isla Skirt is made from a cotton/linen blend.


Keep an eye out on my Instagram account (if you're already following, you can add me to your Friends & Family list so you don't miss anything) because I'll be posting a quick reel on how to line your Jade Wrap Skirt, just like I've done on my maroon checked skirt here.

Using your Expansion Pack...

These are not complete patterns.

You will need your original Jade &/or Isla Wrap Dress patterns and instruction booklets to use these expansions.

I've designed these expansion packs so that there is no need to re-print your dress patterns. Simply print out the expansion pattern and grab your already printed skirt and pocket pieced from your dress pattern.

These Expansion Packs include a skirt waistband and waist ties, as well as the additional instructions needed for constructing your wrap skirt(s).

Please note that these expansion instructions refer to your original instructions often where techniques and steps are the same as the dress construction - so keep them handy.

The Model

I'm wearing a size 10 wrap skirt in both the Jade and Isla patterns.

You can read more about me on the pattern listing pages here for Jade and here for Isla.

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Why not share your wrap skirts with me? You can tag me or use the hashtags #JLHIsla, #JLHJade or #SewJLH so I can see and share them too.

New Pattern Release: The Willa Wrap Coat Hood Expansion Pack!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Expand your Willa Wrap Coat styling possibilities with the Hood Expansion!

A little bit dramatic, modern-day witch, a little bit Elven-inspired - say hello to the Willa Wrap Coat Hood Expansion Pack!

I released the Willa Wrap Coat just over two years ago, and have wanted to add on a hooded expansion pack ever since. The Will Hood expansion will take your original Willa Wrap Coat and step it up 10 notches - keeping you cosy and stylish in all weather.

The Willa Wrap Coat and the Hood Expansion Pack are available in both the Original and Curve sizes, with A to F cups included, in sizes ranging from an NZ size 6 to 34.

The Details

Let the Willa Wrap Coat Hood Expansion expand the possibilities of your original Willa Coat pattern by adding on the practicality of a hood - keeping you safe and dry during all the weather the seasons can throw at you.

Willa's hood has the wide, deep, draped style of hoods you commonly see in coats and ponchos of the 40s and 50s. This hood balances chic design with practicality, and elevates the styling possibilities of the original coat. Wear it completely buttoned up, partially done up (with that dramatic, sweeping collar) or totally open - the choice is yours.

You can now safely wear your Willa Wrap Coat during windy days and wet evenings, safe in the knowledge you'll be comfortable and dry, and your hairstyle won't get ruined.

The Sew Along

Filled with videos and photo tutorials, the Willa Wrap Coat Sew Along guides you through every step of your coat construction. As well as including additional tips and tricks - like how to make thread chains if you don't want to sew on belt loops - the sew along also includes free additional pattern pieces like the inseam pocket I've used in this hooded coat.

When the original Willa Wrap Coat was released back in December 2020, I knew I wanted to follow it up with the release of a full Sew Along, to set minds at ease for those of you that have always wanted to sew a coat, but felt worried about dipping your toes in.

If you're wanting a hand-held, in-depth look into the constructions of the Willa Wrap Coat, then make sure you check it out. The Hood Expansion does include some additional steps in the construction, but in general, follows along the same steps of your original pattern.

Let's take a deep dive into the world of coat sewing together...

Using your Expansion Pack...

This is not a complete pattern.

You will need your original pattern and instruction booklet to use this expansion.

I've designed this expansion pack so that there is no need to re-print your entire Willa Wrap Coat pattern. Simply print out the expansion pattern and swap out the pieces indicated in your Instructions. Construction is largely the same, with a few key additional steps needed to construct the hood.

When you're ready to make the original version again, just swap your Hood pieces back for your original ones and continue as usual. This is all laid out, step by step, in your Expansion Pack Instructions.

Your Expansion pack includes expansion hood front pieces, facing pieces and an extra interfacing piece, as well as the additional instructions needed for constructing a hooded Willa Wrap Coat.

Please note that the expansion instructions refer to your original instructions often where techniques and steps are the same as the original - so keep these handy during construction.

The Model

I wear a 10C/D cup hooded Willa Wrap Coat in the Original sizes, made in a mid-weight wool blend outer coat with a full silk lining.

You can read more about me on the pattern listing page here.

Do you follow me on Instagram?

I've popped up some recent Reels on choosing your JLH Cup Size and the importance of choosing the right High Bust size for a great fit in the upper bodice. Check them out if you're unsure what size to go for OR send me an email with your measurements and I'll happily point you in the right direction (I LOVE helping with sizing).

And while you're at it, when sharing your makes to the 'gram, tag me or use the hashtags #JLHWillaWrapCoat#JLHCurve or #SewJLH so I can see and share them too.

Digital Release Only

You can choose to purchase your pattern either as an individual size range (Original or Curve), OR in an economical bundle if you'd like to have both ranges on hand. Your pattern will be delivered instantly to your inbox after you check out, and from there, you can choose my easy-to-assemble print at home file or send the A0 file to a print shop and have them print it for you.

The Layers Function is included in all pattern files, so you can turn on and off any number/combination of sizes your heart desires.

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