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The End of Another Year...

Friday, December 24, 2021
Millie says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oh 2021, what strange one you were...

I can't quite gather all of my feelings for 2021 into one space, they feel like they're scattered to all parts of the sphere, much like 2021 was in general really. Fragmented and disorganised, with some sparkly, glittery bits sprinkled throughout, along with several doses of sharp pointy bits for good measure - just to make sure I was awake and paying attention. 

If I can take anything away from 2021 JLH Business-wise though, it's that I've laid some really good foundations for what 2022 will be.  And those foundations should flow into other things, making life in general, a little more flowy...

I'm summing this past year up as a ground-work, foundation-building year for all the fruit that 2022 will hopefully bear - while hopefully not putting too much pressure on the new year. I made that mistake with 2021 and have felt the disappointment of not living up to these plans throughout the entire year.  

As I said, this year didn't come to fruition as I had intended. I didn't release as many new patterns as I had hoped,  I didn't re-release as many older patterns as I had planned. I didn't do as many tutorials as I had wanted, and I didn't do any Sew Alongs as intended.  However, all of these things have either been planned/sketched/filmed/photographed/fitted/written etc to some extent this year, all culminating in what I hope will be a fruitful 2022. 

2022 has lots in store pattern release-wise - I have no less than three wrap dresses to drop, a free pattern that I hope will give you a glimpse into how JLH patterns fit if you've never made one of my patterns before. As well as my version of a relaxed yet glam lounge/PJ set and several re-releases of popular older patterns in my new sizings (Original 6-24 A to D cups and Curve 16-34 C to F cups).

I'll be taking some time away over the next few weeks to gather myself up, recharge, and step into the new year with a little more knowledge, wisdom, and perspective than I had this time last year. I'll be dropping in and out until the end of January 2022, and will be back to full steam early February when school here in NZ goes back.

I hope you're all able to take some time to rest and recuperate. If you're in the southern hemisphere, enjoy this summer sun, and for those in the northern hemisphere, enjoy all the cosy, close darkness that winter brings.

See you on the other side,



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