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Happy Halloween...

Monday, October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween everyone!!

We don't tend to celebrate these sorts of holidays much down here (in Australia or NZ!) which I find a bit sad, I like holidays and wish we got into them a little more. But I guess we are technically supposed to be celebrating Spring here, not Autumn. Speaking of Spring, it really has sprung now, we have been getting some glorious days, just perfect in fact for swimming in our new blow-up pool. Yup, David and I bought a kids blow-up pool. It may take up almost the entire courtyard, but we will be holding pool parties this summer - hehe!!

31st Oct 2011 2

31 October 2011

And guess what I discovered last week? The new Great Gatsby movie is currently being in filmed here in Sydney, and one of the locations they are currently filming at is just down the road from my house!! It's all very exciting but I am yet to see Leo or Carey (all we can really see are huge white tents and fancy campervan-type vehicles. It's been completely shut off to the public, sad face!) - we have invited them around for a pool party but we are still waiting to hear back. I'm sure they're just busy.

Right, off to eat the chocolate we bought for the trick or treaters just incase they came a knockin...


With Flowers in Your Hair...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

With Spring and all the pretty blossoms that have popped out since the warm weather has arrived, I've been having a thing for flowers in my hair. I must build up my little collection of flowers! And speaking of hair, I really need to chop mine off, it's getting to warm for long hair now...

22nd October 2011 4

22nd October 2011 3

Today I joined the realm of real people and finally got an iphone (much to the delight of David who has an iphone, Mac computer + laptop and an ipad and is soon to be the proud owner of an iphone 4 thingy-ma-jig). Apps are way more fun when I get to play with them and Instagram got a work out this afternoon - any other fun apps you can reccomend?

22nd October 2011

22nd October 2011 5

I think I may also be gradually moving back to my sewing machine, I cut out a pretty wrap skirt today from some vintage cotton in my stash and I made it to the fabric store this afternoon and bought some gorgeous Japanese lawn for some light summer dresses.

Hope you are all having lovely weekends...


Goodbye Winter...

Sunday, October 16, 2011
A post a month it would seem I'm doing now! I could give you excuses (busy, blah blah, busy again, blah blah) but who cares, I'm here now :)

16th Oct 2011 3

16th Oct 2011

I still have several 'winter' outfits to post, but in Sydney, Spring really has pretty much sprung. It's time to take out the summer dresses and shoes and pack away the tights. I'm a bit sad about this though, I'm not quite ready for another hot and humid Sydney summer. If it can stay just like today, I'll be more than happy.

The dress I'm wearing is the one pattern, six bloggers dress I made just before we left for Vancouver back in June (which my goodness, was so so long ago now! I'll bug David for that post he's going to write too by the way). The cardigan is vintage and the belt is a thrifted one from Vancouver.

16th Oct 2011 4

I've not touched my sewing machine either since we got back from Vancouver. I have a Sorbetto blouse cut out and ready to sew, but I've just not felt like doing anything that involves sewing. This is not a good thing considering I have several summery things I need to make for my summer wardrobe. I've been very good these last few months and have not bought a single item of clothing, new or otherwise - I wonder how long I can keep it up...?

So what have you been up too? I need to catch up!!


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