With Flowers in Your Hair...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

With Spring and all the pretty blossoms that have popped out since the warm weather has arrived, I've been having a thing for flowers in my hair. I must build up my little collection of flowers! And speaking of hair, I really need to chop mine off, it's getting to warm for long hair now...

22nd October 2011 4

22nd October 2011 3

Today I joined the realm of real people and finally got an iphone (much to the delight of David who has an iphone, Mac computer + laptop and an ipad and is soon to be the proud owner of an iphone 4 thingy-ma-jig). Apps are way more fun when I get to play with them and Instagram got a work out this afternoon - any other fun apps you can reccomend?

22nd October 2011

22nd October 2011 5

I think I may also be gradually moving back to my sewing machine, I cut out a pretty wrap skirt today from some vintage cotton in my stash and I made it to the fabric store this afternoon and bought some gorgeous Japanese lawn for some light summer dresses.

Hope you are all having lovely weekends...

3 comments on "With Flowers in Your Hair..."
  1. I recommend the 8mm Vintage Camera app. I lovelovelove the 60s filter you can put on video! I edited a bunch of clips together and put it on my blog here: http://liverhythm.blogspot.com/2011/10/this-must-be-place.html

  2. Woo! I just got an iPhone too - useful little things! Although I am yet to get a plant o use data now I'm home.

    I ran into David on campus the other day - we'd love to see you both at some point soon!

  3. not so much fun apps, but useful ones, I couldn't live without:
    - oz weather - gets its info from the BOM website so seems to be more accurate than the default weather app
    - imdb
    - dictionary.com
    - wikipedia
    - flickr
    - urbanspoon
    - evernote
    - skype
    (and melbourne specific: tram tracker and metlink)


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