Happy Halloween...

Monday, October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween everyone!!

We don't tend to celebrate these sorts of holidays much down here (in Australia or NZ!) which I find a bit sad, I like holidays and wish we got into them a little more. But I guess we are technically supposed to be celebrating Spring here, not Autumn. Speaking of Spring, it really has sprung now, we have been getting some glorious days, just perfect in fact for swimming in our new blow-up pool. Yup, David and I bought a kids blow-up pool. It may take up almost the entire courtyard, but we will be holding pool parties this summer - hehe!!

31st Oct 2011 2

31 October 2011

And guess what I discovered last week? The new Great Gatsby movie is currently being in filmed here in Sydney, and one of the locations they are currently filming at is just down the road from my house!! It's all very exciting but I am yet to see Leo or Carey (all we can really see are huge white tents and fancy campervan-type vehicles. It's been completely shut off to the public, sad face!) - we have invited them around for a pool party but we are still waiting to hear back. I'm sure they're just busy.

Right, off to eat the chocolate we bought for the trick or treaters just incase they came a knockin...

5 comments on "Happy Halloween..."
  1. I wish we did Halloween in Australia too. Next year I am going to have a Halloween party for my birthday I think. We celebrated at work which was fun. I made brain suckers for my and the girls in my office to wear. I was going to post photos tomorrow but left my camera at work.

  2. I really like your blog, hope you have luck and your guests attending
    A kiss from Spain

  3. Oh wow how exciting having a movie shoot in your area! I'm really looking forward to that one, I loved The Great Gatsby, love anything F Scott Fitzgerald and that whole era...
    I share your sorrow at the lack of enthusiasm for Halloween here. Growing up in Canada it was my favourite time of year, then we came to Australia and noone was into it at all! It may be gaining a bit of traction though we saw some trick or treaters out and about :o)

  4. Bahahaha. I love the blow up pool so damn much!

  5. Gorgeous! Love the sweet dress and the cardigan, really pretty! And ow, the belt rocks! :D

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