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Me Made Maternity - Week 38: Lucky Last

Friday, June 12, 2015

Wearing - self-drafted PJ pants and a Maternity Bronte Top

Firstly, thank you all so much for your comments and well wishes on the early arrival of Oscar. We are slowly figuring out our new normal as a family of three, which changes every day, but we think he's pretty neat and wouldn't swap him for the world.

This was my final Me Made Maternity outfit. We took these photos at 38 weeks and 2 days, my waters had broken the night before and I'd been having mild but sporadic contractions ever since. Oscar was born in the evening the following day...

I had had the first Braxton Hicks I could really feel on Sunday morning. They weren't painful, but I completely understood why you'd need to concentrate on breathing through an actual contraction - your middle gets so tightly clenched, completely out of your control, that you naturally want to breath quite shallowly because anything else requires effort. If you want to get some idea of what they feel like, clench your stomach muscles as tightly as you can and try breathing deeply, it's a bit harder than your average breathing!

Even though I had been having Braxton Hicks, I still thought that I'd have plenty of time to photograph and blog my new pj pants and maternity Bronte top, but babies come when they feel like it and I had literally just finished making these pj pants when my waters broke that evening. All I could think about (after a mild freak out that I was going to have a baby really really soon) was that I hadn't taken photos of either of them and that my Bronte top just wouldn't look quite the same without the all important bump. 

So, erm, yes, I was in labour and I still took outfit photos - that's dedication right there, huh? *wink*.

Actually, it's not really since I wasn't in active labour (and wouldn't be until the next day) just the very early stages and I spent the majority of that day doing normal things anyway. I went out for lunch, did some grocery shopping, went for a long walk to try to get things moving (it's so strange being out in public in labour, breathing through the contractions and trying not to let on that you are having contractions, lest anyone freak out on you - that's the last thing you need!) and into the hospital twice for monitoring.

So, while we had to stop every now and then for a contraction to pass during the photo taking, we tried to go about our day as normally as possible, since little Oscar obviously wasn't planning on coming within the next couple of hours, and what else was there to do? No point sitting around twiddling our thumbs, right?

I'll be posting more details on my new PJ's as well as a tutorial on how to make your very own Maternity Bronte Top in the next few days...

Until then, I need to attend to my little Snuffalaffagus (nobody tells you how noisy new borns are when they sleep - I swear he sounds like a little old man 90% of the time!) and try to figure out where the past 3.5 weeks have disappeared too.


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