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Introducing The Afternoon Shift Dress Pattern - an Afternoon Blouse Expansion Pack...

Friday, February 26, 2016
Here it is you guys, the newly updated Afternoon Blouse & Shift Dress
an expansion pack of the popular Afternoon Blouse pattern.

This new version includes additional sizes in the upper range as well as a comfortable and stylish Shift Dress variation with your choice of back box pleat or light gathering for additional shaping, as well as some all-important side seam pockets.

With pretty kimono sleeves and two different neckline options, The Afternoon Blouse & Shift Dress is a great pattern for beginners and advanced seamstresses. You can make both the dress and blouse in most fabrics. Why not make use of all those quilting cottons in your stash for a crisp garment, or use light cottons like voile, lawn and linen for a softer, lighter finish - perfect for wearing in spring and summer. If you want a little more luxury or a bit more of a challenge, try stitching them up in silks and rayons. 

And for those of us heading into winter, why not stitch up your very own shift dress in a snuggly flannel or drapey wool-blend? Then layer it up with tights, boots and a scarf, and you're set for an autumn afternoon walk.

As the name suggests, you should be able to whip up either the blouse or dress in an afternoon, so if you're after a quick and satisfying make, then this should be right up your alley.

What if you already bought the blouse when it was first released...?

This is a free pattern update! Yay! All you need to do is forward me a copy of your Etsy or Paypal receipt and I'll email you a new copy. Please note, due to demand, I will be emailing new patterns once a week, so you may not get your new pattern straight away, but it's coming -

So, what do you think? Will you be swanning around in an Afternoon Shift or Blouse soon? I'd love to see them if so, make sure to tag me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

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A New Pattern, it's nearly here...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hello, hello :) 

Sign up to my newsletter before 8am GMT+13 Thursday 24th February if you'd like to be among the first to catch a glimpse of the newly updated Afternoon Blouse & Shift Dress pattern, along with a little discount code for newsletter subscribers only.

Otherwise, I'll see you Friday!

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Blink and you miss it...

Friday, February 5, 2016

And in the blink of an eye, January is over and February has well and truely taken over.

It's the last official month of summer now, though we're finally getting some consecutive sunny, warm days, so it better continue into March at the very least.

I accidentally took a mini blogging break during January, oops. It wasn't intentional, but boy have I been productive during it. Having a word for the year has been really kind of amazing. Focus indeed.

I always have lots of things on the go at once, both personal projects and work related things, but in the past, I'd always feel guilty for doing one thing when I had 10 other things to do. So, I'd stop doing the thing that I had just started and would start the next thing, only to feel guilty about not doing something else, so I'd stop and the cycle of not-really-getting-anything-much-done would continue.

During January, with my word firmly in my mind, I would slip into my sewing room as often as possible, pick a project and focus on getting it done. Sometimes I would still feel guilty for not doing other things, but instead of stopping, I'd tell myself to focus and voila, things are finally crossed off my list that have been lingering for an embarrassingly long amount of time.

In terms of personal sewing, I made David a cardigan, I sewed some floral pillow cases and I made some wood basket liners which I had been meaning to do ever since we moved into our wee house nearly two years ago. We put a new wood stove into our living room late last year - the old one is in the kitchen, and we found we were spending more time in there than our cosy living room - but the living room has carpet, and all the little sticks and bits of wood that were falling through the basket cracks were driving me nuts. So, one morning, I sat down and made three of them. It was a great feeling putting those liners on those baskets, and they look so pretty.

In sewing patterny-things, my updated Afternoon Blouse with new shift dress pattern went out to testers two weeks ago, I drafted and have finalised a new pattern piece for The Felicity Dress for a wee expansion pack coming really soon, one new summery blouse pattern has been drafted and is ready for grading and another little autumn-y knit dress & top is nearly finished and should be ready for grading next week sometime.

Add to that my mum being here for close to two weeks, Oscar gaining his first 3 teeth in rapid succession (with 3 more very visibly on their way) and deciding that solid foods aren't all that bad and getting the hang of crawling (although backwards, hehe), and I'd call that a focussed and action packed January. Phew! I'm feeling very pleased with myself don't ya know :)

Now I just have to make some time for some picture taking of all of the above, and we'll be back on this ol' blogging wagon soon enough.

How was your January?

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