Replacing a Drawstring Waistline with Elastic

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Today I've got a handy little tutorial for you on how to replace the drawstring waistline on your Quincy/Mayberry Dresses or Farris Jumpsuit & Playsuit for elastic.

It's really simple and doesn't need any pattern alterations - just omit the front drawstring openings, construct your garment up to attaching the bodice and bottom together and then watch the video for the rest.

Remember, all three patterns (Quincy, Mayberry and Farris) are interchangeable, meaning you can become your own designer and mix and match the tops and bottoms around as you desire. Here, I've taken the Farris bodice and paired it with the Mayberry skirt, with some added length to turn it into a more midi-style skirt. This sample is made with rayon. 

You'll need:

  • Your Farris/Quincy/Mayberry pattern
  • Length of elastic (more info below), no wider than 2cm (3/4")
  • A safety pin

Elastic Type:

I used fold over elastic (FOE) for my waistline, as I had some laying around and find that it lasts longer than regular elastic. The stretchy threads are so fine and plentiful in FOE, that when a few are pierced by your machine needle when sewing, they hold up much better than elastic that has thick channels running through it.

The finished channel on your garment measures 2cm total, so don't use an elastic that is any wider than this measurement.

Elastic Length:

You can use any length of elastic you like - the general rule is your waist measurement minus 2.5cm (1") plus 1.5cm (5/8") seam allowance at each end (3cm total). But this depends on how stretchy your elastic is and your personal preferences.

I like mine looser so tend to just use my straight waist measurement plus a seam allowance. But you can also add more length and then try your garment on and adjust from there. 

Remember, it's easier to take away in the first instance than add!

Hope you liked this easy little tutorial!



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