Me Made Maternity - Week 29: Hey Old Man...

Monday, March 16, 2015
I've officially turned into an old man.

If you were sitting in a coffee shop, with your back to the door, and I came in and sat down behind you, you'd swear on your life that it was an old man grunting and groaning as he sat down and tried to get comfortable. Then he'd grunt and groan 5 minutes later as he tried to pull himself up off the chair to make his way over to the bathroom.

And that's when you'd realise, as he walks past you, that it is in fact not a little old man, but a pregnant lady.

And I fear it will only get worse.

These knit vogue dresses are still going strong, even now, as I am officially in my third trimester. In only a few weeks, I'll be able to look face to face at the little person who enjoys kicking me every time I find a comfortable position to sit or lay in.

When we first found out, it seemed like we had so much time to get ourselves and everything ready, now, it's only a few weeks away?? Yikes! Better get onto officially sorting out his room I guess. We have most of the major things, but, it's still a bit of a storage area at the moment. Sorry baby.

It really does help to grunt and groan as you sit down/get up from a chair or a couch or the bed though. It really does.

6 comments on "Me Made Maternity - Week 29: Hey Old Man..."
  1. Aw what a sweet post! You are looking fabulous, as usual!

  2. You are so right. The groaning really does help you get up the momentum to get up and down. I've been doing LOTS of it myself lately ;)

  3. I remember it well, so worth it though. I remember getting in and out of the car, especially when I was driving being particularly difficult! You look great, take care.

  4. You look amazing!!! Gorgeous. You are definitely glowing, as well as groaning! Don't stress about the baby's room. I was painting my son's bedroom on my due date (just the middle bit of the wall - I wasn't entertaining climbing a ladder, and I definitely couldn't stretch down to the lower portion of the wall!). He/she will be in your room for a while anyway, so you'll have plenty of time to get your husband to sort it out (definitely his job. You have enough to do!). As long as you have baby gros, crib, blankets, nappies and a car seat, you are sorted!!! :)

  5. I imagine how hard it can be, but it won't be long, Jennifer. Take care :)

  6. Yes, but you're so much cuter than any old men I know!!! :)


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