Lightning Stripes Belladone

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I managed to make a few things to show off before my sewing machine hopped aboard a ship and this Belladone is one of them. I made this almost straight after I had finished my Airelle Blouse because I was on a Deer&Doe kick, and because you know, new patterns are exciting! Especially when they are of the birthday present variety.

I used some amazing blue and black diagonal striped cotton, that actually has some one-way stretch in it that I hadn't realised until I went to wash it. I was kind of annoyed, but got my Tim Gunn on and made it work!! Also, I really like the diagonal stripe. I think it's quite unusual for fabrics these days who seem to prefer a vertical or horizontal stripe. Those fabrics are so missing out!




I made the dress almost straight out of the packet, except for a few minor things. I narrowed the shoulders, made the join at the top of the back bigger (I was worried about it possibly stretching out a little due to the stretch in the fabric), made the skirt longer and omitted the skirt hem facing, instead doing a simple rolled hem. I've never actually come across a skirt hem facing before, have you? Due to my time restrictions I opted to leave it off, but I think I'll give it a go with my next Belladone (as there will be a next!).

So, why is it called the Lightning Stripes Belladone?

Well, I thought it would be fun to cut the waistband with the stripe going the other way, making a small lightning strike across the dress (well, I think it looks like a lightning strike...). Also, to break up all that diagonal stripey goodness, I think it needed it, otherwise there would be the possibility of too much stripe (can there be too much stripe?).  And no, I didn't bother lining up the stripes in the waistband, but having looked at these photos, I could have probably tried to line up the main black stripe.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.





And, there are pockets. A love affair that the modern day seamstress cannot get enough of. Put a pocket on something and it's guaranteed love. Who cares about a ring!

Just put a pocket on it!

So, it's only natural that I love the little diagonal pockets on the skirt, but I some how managed to make mine almost completely invisible by matching up the stripes in the fabric on both sides, very much unintentionally. They are now my magical disappearing pockets. 



Overall, another winner from Deer&Doe. I think this will get a lot of wear this summer, if it ever decides to warm up :)


24 comments on "Lightning Stripes Belladone"
  1. I love love LOVE this! That fabric is amazing, and what you did with the waistband looks great! Every time I see this pattern I fall for it a little it more, I just love the back of it. I think it may end up in my to do list...

  2. Hehe - My first thought was "Damn, how'd she match up the light and dark strips in the waistband to the skirt and bodice?" You might think you didn't do it well, but it was enough to impress me! ;) It's a really fun dress!

  3. That is a fantastic dress!

  4. I love it! Those stripes have a really cool effect and you don't notice the matching - non -matching stuff. It really looks like it fits perfectly too!

    I've been wanting to try a pattern (or two) of theirs. Your dress makes me want to get the pattern now!

    Too bad our summer is on it's way out

  5. Beautiful dress! I love every one of the Deer & Doe patterns and will someday get around to making one myself. This really makes me want to order this pattern... like now.

  6. It's so nice! I'm always amazed at how well your handmade garments fit you - rarely a wrinkle in sight anywhere.

  7. Your dress looks lovely. I like the changes you have made and the longer length skirt. I love hem facings. I've done them on two of my dresses now.

  8. What a pretty dress! And I'm so impressed that you would think of that realignment of the waistband. It makes such a dramatic difference, but something like that just simply wouldn't have occurred to me!

  9. I'm love your dress. It fits so well and the diagonal stripes are brilliant.

  10. A good diagonal stripe is the best and I really love this fabric with it's blue/black combination. I'm hesitant to say you can have too much stripy goodness, but I think changing the stripe direction on the waistband was perfect. Beautiful dress overall.

  11. This is wicked! Love the lightning stripes, so clever and very cool. And I'm completely and utterly with you - put a pocket on it every time!!

  12. Bella done has been popping up all over my blog feed lately. I think it's a sign I need to make one! I love the darker colour on you. The waistband was a ver clever idea. It is a great contrast with the other stripes. I hope the new home is going well!

  13. Holy Moly I love this sooo much!!!

  14. Nice stripes! Right I'm going shopping this week, I need to make this dress SOON!

  15. Lovely Fit and its amazing to see the way the stripes match :)Thanks for stopping by my blog and appreciating my skirt..

  16. I love this on you! It's crazy cute!

  17. just stunning. i thought the waistband feature was just clever as! i would never think to do that!

  18. Great dress! I love how you placed the stripes. And the back detail is so gorgeous!

  19. This lightning dress looks fabulous and with a perfect fit. I always wanted to try this pattern.

  20. gorgeous!!!! the fit is perfect on you and i love the lightning bolt effect =)

  21. what a great fabric Lauren. I love the Belladonne will be a great dress for summer!

  22. I think the way you placed the stripes is just perfect! Great job :)

  23. It's a really nice dress! I like the diagonal stripes also, and the colors are lovely. And I love that you placed the stripes in the opposite direction on the waistband. It makes the dress even more interesting.

  24. Well done with the "minor alterations". The result is amazing. I put minor in inverted commas since some of these changes sometime results in major last minute recoveries...

    And i wholeheartedly agree about pockets. We all need pockets and female garment are mostly devoid of it.

    Any idea how to add sightly pockets onto pencil skirts? They're my favorite.


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