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Saturday, July 20, 2013
Yay, I've finished my first version of the beautiful Airelle Blouse from Deer&Doe - my first time using one of Eleanor's patterns. My sister gave me this pattern for my birthday (along with the Belladone dress which I'm half way through!) and it's really such a lovely pattern to work with.

I actually finished the blouse about 2 weeks ago and I finally managed to get some photos of it yesterday (and in the rain as well no less)...

Airelle 20 June 2013 19test2

Airelle 20 June 2013 16test2

Airelle 20 June 2013 5

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew that I needed to make it. It's such a sweet little blouse with endless options for variation. I knew straight away how I wanted to make my first one as well - a classic combination of black and white. A blouse that would work in the cooler months as well as transition nicely into the summer.

I found a beautiful, light textured cotton voile for the body of the blouse. As I really didn't want to use a plain white cotton, nor did I want anything too pretty, this fabric fit the bill. It has a lovely fine stripe throughout the weave which adds some interest, while not being too overwhelming.

I chose a black polished cotton for the collar, cuffs and inseam piping. The polished cotton makes the finished blouse a little more fancy than a plain matt cotton would, while also adding to the subtle texture of the voile.

Airelle 20 June 2013 3

Airelle 20 June 2013 18

Airelle 20 June 2013 12

I ended up shortening the sleeves a touch so that they sat just above my elbow as opposed to below. This meant I also needed to add a little more room into the cuffs because the sleeve was now sitting on a wider section of my arm. I also graded to a larger pattern in the hips, but after finishing the blouse, I realised that I really didn't need to. It doesn't bother me too much though because I'll probably wear this blouse tucked in anyway.

I also omitted the interfacing in the collar because I thought the neckline would look too bulky and not sit as nicely and I'm glad I did. Even as it is, the neckline is a tad bulky where the collar pieces meet up in the centre.

Finally, because the voile is slightly sheer (and a little prone to fraying), I finished off the waist and arm sleeve seams using french seams to give the inside a clean finish.

Airelle 20 June 2013 10

Airelle 20 June 2013 15

Airelle 20 June 2013 11

Airelle 20 June 2013 9

Airell 20 July 2013 21 

Oooh, what a deliciously lovely pattern! Seriously guys, you need to get this pattern toot sweet if you don't already have it. It's the perfect beginners pattern, but as there is so much scope for adding your own touch, intermediate and advanced sewers won't be disappointed either.

Do any of you have this pattern? Have you made it yet?


PS) I'll have a tutorial on making and inserting inseam piping at the end of the week for those who are interested and another on French seams after that :)
28 comments on "The Classic Airelle..."
  1. This is the most elegant version of this pattern I've seen yet! What a great job you've done, love it!!!

  2. So cute! It's really lovely with that skirt too.

  3. Very pretty and elegant. I love the difference between the white voile and the black sateen. It's beautiful.

  4. That is a beautiful top and you look lovely too!

  5. Ah, just goes to show that sometimes you can't beat simplicity! Such a lovely blouse, and totally awesome outfit too by the way :)

    Not long now till the big move (re-move??)... how is everything coming along?

  6. Awww, thanks ladies :)

    Jenny - yep, it'c coming up and very quickly too. Things are slowly getting sorted but I'm trying not to think about it because it's starting to get a little stressful :( Perhaps not the best idea though...

  7. Very sweet blouse! I really like the contrasting fabrics/colours too. Cute cute cute. Wearable with your flash new pants as well as skirt etc, of course :).

    Kudos on the pants and the trials and tribulations of knit dresses! I have one of those on my wish list (even have the gorgeous silk knit) but don't have the, um, courage as yet. LOL.

  8. Such a beautiful outfit!!! And those tights! I love the length of the sleeves on the blouse, so pretty :)

  9. A lovely delicate version of the blouse. I don't have any Deer and Doe patterns but I've seen so many lovely versions of their patterns that I'm bound to give in eventually!

  10. What a classically elegant blouse. Using a slightly patterned white fabric just makes it all the lux. Looks wonderful on you and I have to say that I love the stockings too. :)

  11. Gorgeous! I adore the simplicity and elegance of this and it looks killer with that circle skirt. I need this pattern now!

  12. That's gorgeous! I love the little back detail. It makes it all come together and makes the black look even more integrated. :)

  13. This is such a delightful piece! I wish I had about 5 of those tops, in various colors, as part of my wardrobe.

  14. This suits you so, so well. I'm trying to hold off buying patterns (ha who am I kidding) but based on this the airelle should shoot up my list!

  15. I LOOOOOVE this! I'd been eyeing this pattern for a while and you're just tempting me more!

  16. It's a beautiful blouse. I am still very taken with black and white combos.

  17. Lovely!! This is a beautiful blouse pattern and yours came out great. Looks so good with the whole outfit!

  18. Splendidly pretty blouse! There's such a classic, sophisticated air of elegance to this whole outfit - coupled with a wonderful dose of fun from the dotted tights. You look fantastic, honey!

    ♥ Jessica

  19. I love it! Such a classic combination with the black and white. This is definitely in my to do list!

  20. This blouse is wonderful! I especially love the black piping yoke detail! You have an incredible eye for detail and sense of personal style, my dear.

  21. This is so gorgeous! I love it! Definitely my favorite version of this blouse!

  22. So gorgeous! I am going to have to get this pattern! I love the black and white combo...and especially the piping.

  23. Totally random questions: Did you do a FBA? And did you have any issues with the sleeve fitting the bodice. I have made this up but the arm hole is longer on the bodice then the sleeve and I have measured everything and it matches the patterns.

    1. Hi Laura, ummm, I don't think I did have any issues with the sleeve. Have you tried putting in basting stitches into the cap seam allowance, lightly shaping the cap by gathering the sleeves (lightly, with no actual gathers) and then setting in? That's the easiest way to put in a set-in sleeve and because it is a set-in sleeve, the cap will be bigger than the arm hole it's meant to fit into.

      Not sure if that helps, or even answers your question, but let me know how you go!!


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