The Sew Weekly Reunion - Faux Liberty Macaron

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Faux Liberty Macaron11

Faux Liberty Macaron1

Faux Liberty  Macaron10

*This is not my One Pattern, Seven Bloggers Macaron. It's the second Macaron I made after I finished my first one because I loved the pattern so much!!

The Facts:
Fabric - Floral Cotton Lawn, Blue Poplin, White cotton Underlining
Notions - Invisible Zipper, Thread
Pantone Challenge Colours - Mykonos Blue and Samba
Pattern - Colette Patterns Macaron

Year - 2009 0r 2010 I think (?)
Time to complete - Over the course of 2 days
First Worn - 27th August 2013
Wear again? Of course!
Total Cost - $30

I loved reading The Sew Weekly. In fact, it is (was) probably one of my favourite sewing blogs. I started reading it when it was just Mena writing and talking about her weekly sewing adventures, and then she opened up the weekly sewing challenge to 4 other lovely sewing ladies and it got even better!

Sadly, The Sew Weekly ladies stopped posting as their lives, schedules and commitments changed, and my weekly burst of sewing inspiration was no longer.  Until...

They came back, baby! And they invited anyone and everyone along for the ride.

Faux Liberty Macaron5

Faux Liberty Macaron3

Faux Liberty Macaron9

I couldn't not sign up to be a part of the challenge, but the truth was, I didn't actually know if I would be able to participate. With our move looming ever closer, I was running out of time to finish the projects I had already committed too, without adding another onto my plate.

So, when they posted the challenge details on the 1st August, I was a little worried about what they would actually entail. You can imagine my relief when it was a pantone challenge, and 2 of the colours almost perfectly matched the fabric I had already picked out for my second version of the Macaron!

I do plan to write more about working with this pattern in detail in my OP7B reveal on Monday. But briefly, I moved the zip to the centre back and proceeded to insert the worst invisible zipper of my life. Really. It took me about 4 attempts to get it right. I'm usually a lapped zipper kind of girl, but this zip was in my stash and I was determined to use it.

Faux Liberty Macaron8

Faux Liberty Macaron7

Faux Liberty Macaron6

I removed the sleeves and finished the neck and arm holes with bias binding (I have a handy dandy tutorial on how to do this here). I also ended up having to completely underline the floral fabric. I bought this online (my first time buying fabric online) and it claimed to be cotton lawn, but really, it's far too loose a weave to be lawn. It almost looks like muslin (or cheese cloth for those who call it that!). But, while we're talking about this floral, doesn't it look a little like a Liberty print? Well, I think so, so I've dubbed this dress the Faux Liberty Macaron :)

Overall, I love this pattern and am kicking myself for not making it sooner. Make sure you check back in on Monday for more Macaron-gushing and my first version of this dress!

Faux Liberty Macaron4

Faux Liberty Macaron-2

Faux Liberty Macaron14 

Did any of you participate in the Sew Weekly Reunion challenge? I'm really hoping to hear more from these ladies in the future, I missed them :)


PS) I'm really sorry that I've had to post this Macaron out of order from the OP7B dress. The Sew Weekly dress just needed to be up by the 1st September, where as my first dress needed to be up on the 2nd September and I thought two Macarons in subsequent days might be too much. So, I'm sorry about the small timing issue here, that'll teach me to participate in simultaneous challenges :) As an apology, David made me a jumping GIF with an 'in-air' shimmy. This was the one he wanted posted, so, here you go...

Doesn't my hair look awesome when I'm up in the air?
23 comments on "The Sew Weekly Reunion - Faux Liberty Macaron"
  1. Oh my, don't you look adorable in this dress and with those fab tights! I love the colour combo of this whole outfit. It's very fitting that it be part of the Sew Weekly pantone colour challenge since that is the first thing I notice about this. I have not made this Macaron pattern before but it really does look so charming. I think it's the sweetheart yoke, it really stands out.

  2. I love this dress, and it totally looks like Liberty print. I havent got the Macaron on my list yet.....I think I may have to change that :)

  3. You must never, ever apologise for such a delicious macaron! The more macarons the better! LOVE this version!

  4. It looks lovely. To be honest this pattern has never really floated my boat - I think the sleeved version reminded me too much of that 90's look where we wore strappy dresses over white tshirts, but I think your sleeveless version is absolutely beautiful. My fave version thus far!

  5. Love your dress! It's such a lovely pattern!

  6. Your dress look wonderful! The fit across the back is just stunning!
    Thank you for pointing me to the Sew Weekly site, can't believe I haven't seen it before! Although I would only dream of getting to sew weekly, it is a really great initiative :)

    By the way, your hair looks fab, even when you're not jumping up and down ;)

  7. This is gorgeous, I love your colour combinations. I'm really starting to like the Macaron, may have to add it to my list...

  8. Well who wouldn't love a mid-air shimmy?

    Lovely dress, beautifully made, with cute fabric.

    And I'm so looking forward to your other Macaron Reveal!

  9. Wow that fabric straight up looks like liberty lawn. I guess that almost makes up for having to line it. Almost. Very pretty with the navy contrast and the RED tights! Love the gif!

  10. Lovely. I have enjoyed watching the versions of this pattern,

  11. I miss the Sew Weekly too. It was a great source of inspiration while it lasted. It's too bad that the torch wasn't passed so that the site could continue on in new directions. Ah well. Your dress is really beautiful! I love the contrast you used in the yoke.!

  12. Love the gif! This is a great version!

  13. Very cute! Love your jumping. Yes your hair is GREAT!
    Looks like a great dress! I really need to get my Sew Weekly post up...

  14. This is so, so, so, so adorable! I love it! I wish I'd done something for the Sew Weekly reunion, but I just couldn't get my act together in time. I'll live vicariously through everyone else, though!

  15. I haven't made a macaron yet! Love yors so much that I will on the future. Great with the tights. I was going to join but started with teal fabric then decided it was too far away from the aqua. Love the vid, such fun.

  16. Oh, NOW I can see the animated GIF. On my phone, it was just a pic of you, and I wondered what you were talking about, lol. It is so CUTE!!

  17. Love this pattern and yours is by far my favorite!

  18. Bahaha that gif is amazing! Gorgeous dress. I can't wait to see your 1P7B dress.

  19. This is so very cute, and I can't tell you how much I'm loving the red tights with it! Reminds me that I have pair of red tights I should do more fun stuff with. Also reminds me I should give the Macaron another try. My first was ok, but I have some fiddling with the pattern to do. I really like the idea of sleeveless version, so thanks for that!

  20. this is adorable! the world cannot have enough macarons. all this macaron talk is making me want one, though. hmm both the sweet and the dress, please!

  21. if one must apologize, that is the best way to do it. ever.

    these macarons are making me rethink that pattern... and i adore it with those tights!

  22. I love the tights! That's a fabulous dress!


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