Me Made May - Week 4

Monday, May 27, 2013
Wow, I can't believe that there is still almost another whole week to go! I am seriously running out of Me Made outfit ideas folks! I have a feeling it will be circle skirts until the end of the week...

Before we get started though, David and I went to Berry on the weekend for my birthday. Which is tomorrow. So that means that my birthday giveaway ends the day after that. Have you entered yet? Better hop to it!

Day 21 - 
I spent most of the day editing Etsy listings. I didn't get dressed until about midday. And when I did, this is what I wore...

Wearing - Floral Simplicity dress.

21May 2013

Day 22 - 
I really need to find a suitable replacement button for the bottom of this cardigan...

Wearing - self-drafted black circle skirt.

22May 2013 1

22May 2013 3

Day 23 - 
Today David spoke on a panel at the Sydney Writers Festival. The room was packed! So proud.

We took these photos after we had had a celebratory wine or two. It was cold and rainy and this outfit is pretty much the same as day 21 but with a different dress and stockings.

Wearing - Polkadot Billie Jean dress.

23May 2013 3

23May 2013 4

Day 24 - 
Another cold rainy day with only a few visits from the sun throughout. I broke out my new boots for the first time this winter. They aren't my ideal brown boots, but they'll do for now...

Wearing - self-drafted red circle skirt.

24May 2013

Day 25 - 
I finally made Vogue 8728 after I found the perfect knit fabric (the pattern has been sitting in my stash for a year or so...). I'll have a full review of the pattern on my Blog on Wednesday. It's one of those dresses that grew on me (I didn't like it at the start) and I think I'll probably make another.

We also drove down the NSW coast to cute Berry for the weekend and I discovered that this is a great travel dress - comfortable and no wrinkles after a few hours sitting in the car.

25May 2013 1

25May 2013 2

Day 26 - 
Exploring Berry.

26May 2013 1

Day 27 - 
Cleaning and chores day after we disappeared for the weekend.

27May 2013 1

10 comments on "Me Made May - Week 4"
  1. I love the Vogue dress. I need to make a knit dress!

  2. I love your darkblue dress of day 25! And the skirt of day 26 is fabulous too!

  3. Hey,
    great pictures and a beautiful outfit. I love it.

  4. I'm waiting for the right fabric for that Vogue dress too! Your version looks beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing more. Another great week from you - you wear circle skirts so well!

  5. Ooo! Blue and hunter green are your colors- and red too! You are really good at knowing how to dress to flatter.

  6. Great fashion week, Jen!! Love day 22's green cardy - such a good colour on you. Day 23 I love your outfit - wish I had the gift to put an outfit together like that! And day 25's dress - wow!! Love it!! Go, you! :)

  7. I love your day 25 dress. It gorgeous! I am always too scared to sew with knits.

  8. All of your outfits are adorable! I really like your polka dot dress. Day 22 is my favorite look. I just love those tights and shoes, and green looks so good on you.

  9. Your skirts are beautiful! So I think nobody will be against them!%)

  10. I love all your circle skirts - so versatile and the shape looks so good on you! I also love the floral dress!


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