Me Made May - Week 2

Monday, May 13, 2013
Time for my weekly Me Made May round up! Follow along daily on Flickr or Instagram.

Day 7 -
Simple and comfy for a day of running errands. I actually wear this combination a lot in real life (not just Me Made May life).

Wearing my self drafted blue circle skirt.

7May 2013

Day 8 - 
Blending in nicely with my background.

Wearing my 7 Bloggers 1 Dress Burdastyle dress.

8May 2013 2

8May 2013 3

Day 9 - 
I'm still mad at the plaid, but I really like this dress so can't stay mad at it for long.

Wearing my Mad at the Plaid dress.

9May 2013 2

9May 2013 3

Day 10 - 
Felt very uninspired today.

Wearing my 60's McCall's Rose Wool skirt with self drafted belt tabs.

10May 2013

Day 11 -
Ahh, nothing like freshly washed hair and a sunny, warm Sydney autumn day to get out of a rut. Also, my first repeats of the month.

Wearing my Sleeveless Jasmin Blouse and Self-drafted Red Circle Skirt.

11May 2013

11May 2013 2

Day 12 - 
Sundays are for sewing (and making gluten free lemon meringue pie!!! Major sugar overload...).

Wearing my first Afternoon Blouse and Self-drafted Black Circle Skirt.

12May 2013 3

12May 2013 2

12May 2013 1

Day 13 - 
Feeling uninspired again today and my face looks weird in all the photos that were taken.  Below is the best one. Maybe this is what it always looks like on a Monday?

Wearing a Self-drafted Floral Circle Skirt. (I'm thinking about cutting my hair that short again too. I am in major need of a hair cut!)

13May 2013

How are you doing so far in Me Made May? We're nearly half way through, can you believe it?

11 comments on "Me Made May - Week 2"
  1. I love all the outfits - you look just fabulous.

  2. All of your outfits are so lovely! The self-drafted circle skirts are super pretty.

  3. I can't choose a favourite...either Day 11 or Day 12.
    Your circle skirts are making me forget how much I hated hemming the circle skirt I made last week. Now I want a blue one!
    I love your tartan dress- the panel in the midriff is so flattering!

  4. I really love all your outfits. You've made me realise I have no circle skirts in my wardrobe at the moment. I think I need to rectify that!

  5. Ooh that floral skirt is gorgeous, what pattern did you use?

  6. What a great collection of outfits. I love the green dress. The colour and style look fab on you. I'm certainly missing circle skirts in my life. I love yours!

  7. You have such a beautiful set of outfits and I must say, I still adore your '1 pattern, 7 bloggers' dress and it's so nice to see you still wearing it ;o)

  8. You are such girl! Dresses and skirts! VEry nice!

  9. I really love your mad at the plaid dress. It's so perfect.

  10. I love your style!!!!!
    Really pretty clothes you've got! :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Cuuuuute outfits!!!


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