Going in Circles...

Thursday, January 19, 2012
Hi everyone,

I'm just popping in to show you one of the skirts I made over the Christmas holidays...

19th Jan 2012 6

19th Jan 2012 3

David bought the pattern for me for Christmas and I was eager to try it out - I usually use my own self drafted pattern for circle skirts but it’s always nice to breathe life into a vintage pattern. I had put pockets in but decided to take them out when the skirt hung a bit awkwardly. I used a length of vintage polished cotton that I had pre-washed but I thought it was still a little too stiff to keep the pockets in - next time I’ll use a softer fabric that drapes a bit better and add pockets into that one.

I’ve been back at work for the last two weeks now and unfortunately my sewing machine has languished (along with a muslin of the top of a dress I’ve been meaning to make since late last year). My next few weekends are all booked up but I’ll hopefully be able to make some time to get a few more projects finished before my holiday completely wears off and I’m back to operating on robot mode again until the Easter long weekend in April (oh, it’s so far away...).

19th Jan 2012 5

19th Jan 2012 2

Speaking of far away things, or things from a long time ago in this case, I've actually had my hair cut since November last year, but because I've not done an outfit post since November(!!) I've not had a chance to show you.

This weekend I'm off back home to NZ for a friends wedding in Christchurch. It will be a strange thing to go back after the major earthquakes that have been hitting the city since 2010. We were there briefly for our honeymoon in 2010 after the first major quake and at that stage it seemed like every second house was missing a chimney, had a crack up the wall and was covered in tarpoulin and scaffolding. Since then they have had several more major earthquakes including the one that destroyed the cathedral and many buildings in the CBD causing it to be shut off (it's still shut off now) and where lives were lost. It's a little daunting, not knowing what to expect.

Anyway, I hope you've all settled back down after the Christmas holidays!

6 comments on "Going in Circles..."
  1. You can thanks David for that pattern, what a lovely skirt !

  2. Really lovely skirt and the top is so cute! I hope you have a good time in CHCH, I am sure you will notice a lot of changes.

  3. Love the skirt! Dont worry about Chch you'll be fine, life goes on as normal here (albiet with not much of a city centre) and the shakes havent been too bad the last week or so xx

  4. This turned out darling and I love your fabric choice!

  5. Gorgeous. Ah to be so talented & dedicated.


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