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Sunday, January 1, 2012
Monty in a Box 1
The 'Monty in a box' photo above doesn't really have anything to do with this post - it's just key-ute!

I've read many inspiring resolution posts lately (as I'm sure many of you have too), and I particularly liked the post by one of my favourite writers Neil Gaiman - I like the thought of making mistakes, making glorious and amazing mistakes, because it means you are doing something.

This year has been an exhausting one to say the least - new job = less time = really really tired when you get home = not really being able to create a whole lot because you're tired and really can't be bothered etc etc.

I am happy to say though that at the half way point of my two week break I have sewed two skirts already (one just needs a hem and we are good to go) and it feels so nice to be back doing something I really love but have just had no energy for at all this year. It was nice to spend some lazy days doing everything slowly - gently ironing out my vintage patterns, carefully tracing them and making adjustments as I went, washing and hanging fabric out to dry, cutting and sewing slowly and knowing there is absolutely no reason to rush and that I could take my time.

I've also enjoyed talking to people I haven't for a while, volunteering at the dog rescue and taking wee pups out for walks, having friends over for new years eve and eating too much (and maybe drinking too much) and talking and laughing and watching the fireworks off the Sydney harbour bridge.

Next week I plan on putting the finishing touches on something I've been working on for over a year and then I'll tell you all about it. I hope it means I might be able to get some more time to myself this year to do the things I really love doing (though fingers crossed it'll get much busier first!!).

Happy 2012 to all you lovely people!


8 comments on "Happy 2012..."
  1. Happy new year! So glad to see you posting again :) I've had the same this holiday, slowly working away at a Macaron dress, it's so satisfying.
    Ooh, how exciting!

  2. A very happy and creative 2012 to you too! I enjoy reading your blog very much.

    Miss Dee

  3. Hehe Monty = adorable. I have also just emailed you (twice lol).

  4. Happy New Year Jen - here's to a creative 2012.
    And that picture is so ridiculously CUTE!!!

  5. Hi again!
    The BurdaStyle book is great, huh. I can't wait to make some stuff out of it, starting with a blouse. Japan is very cool, but yeah we're just doing the one year contract, heading back to NZ via SE Asia in August. Loving it here, and done some amazing travelling, but definitely will be happy to have some more space (this country is crowded and small!) and kiwi life back :D And my sewing stuff, lol!

  6. I know I'm horribly late, but I wanted to stop by and wish you a happy 2012! :) I can't wait to see the projects you've been whipping up!!! :)


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