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Sunday, January 29, 2012
David and I have booked flights to Paris and London in June/July this year!! David has a conference in France and I decided to tag along, you know, just because I could. I'm so excited as it will be my first time ever in Europe!! If any of you reading this live in Paris/London, let me know, I'd love to catch up. I'm not sure how much extra time I'll have in London, but at this stage I will have plenty of time in Paris :)

29th Jan 2012 4

Sydney has just started to get into its humid and heavy phase of summer - while temperatures are not really all that hot (mid 20's) the humidity makes it feel so much hotter. Hence the need for short shorts!!

29th Jan 2012

12th Jan 2012 Detail

The wedding in Christchurch last weekend came sans earthquakes and the day itself was beautiful! It was a perfectly relaxed day eating a picnic outside and catching up with friends I hadn't seen since finishing university (some six or so years ago now!!). The next day however saw snow falling on the mountains overnight, wind and rain. Of course I hadn't come prepared for NZ summer weather, why would I? Sydney was boiling hot when we left on Friday afternoon, cool weather wear was not high on my agenda. I ended up buying a scarf and shivering through with coffee until we reached the warmth of the airport.

Christchurch itself seems to be holding up well through the endless earthquakes. While it was so sad to see all of the destruction and rubble still piled up on the blocked off side walks, we had breakfast in the newly made shipping container mall, and it was lovely - painted bright colours with wild flowers planted everywhere. I didn't get any photos because I couldn't bring myself to stand out in the freezing rain to get any - Sydney has made me soft, cold weather wise.

6 comments on "Via London and Paris..."
  1. Ahh so jealous!!! I will have to send you a bunch of places to go in London! And try catch Nicole from Fashion Forestry if you can - she is so sweet and generous!! I wish wish wissshhh I was going to London again this year.

    Love the shorts!

  2. Exciting about your holidays!! I'm a stone step away from London and would definitely love to meet you :)

  3. Such an interesting post and beautiful outfit:)I love the skirt!I would love to follow each other if you want too:):)

  4. Hi Jen

    Just in case you don't see my reply to your comment on my blog -

    Great! Let me know a bit nearer the time and we can arrange something. The fashion galleries at the V&A will have reopened by then so you must visit that. Liberty and The Cloth House in Soho are a must for fabric shopping... or window fabric shopping in any case - they are really expensive but lots of fun just to look!


  5. Hi Jen,
    It sounds like you've had lots of great offers already, but if you do find yourself with some spare time in London I'd love to have a coffee or look at some touristy things with you :) (Or even feed some squirrels?!)
    I haven't been blogging much on the old blog as keeping the family up to date has taken precedence ( if you want to check it out).
    Anyway I hope all your planning is going well - there will be lots of lovely things you can do on your holiday (though, I suppose, not so much a holiday for David!).
    :) Michelle


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