Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011
I am officially on holiday today for two whole weeks! I plan to catch up on sleep, catch up on some much needed sewing and see people I haven't seen in a long time. And maybe blog a wee bit :)

I know I've not blogged a lot during the second half of this year, but unfortunately some thing has to give and in my case it was this little bit of internet land. To make up for it, here is a picture of Monty I took on my phone sleeping on some tinsel...

Monty Sleeping on Tinsel..

Nawww, too cute!


4 comments on "Merry Christmas!"
  1. All is forgiven when you post a photo that cute :)

  2. If you need to make up for something, a cat picture ALWAYS works! :) xx

  3. Hope you are having an amazing break! :)

    I would lurrrve to catch up with you asap! We're overdue for a catch up.

  4. Adorable! I hope you've had the best Christmas, and welcome back!!


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