Me Made May - Week 3

Monday, May 20, 2013
Another Me Made week down!

I don't know about any of you, but it's starting to get harder to get dressed in the morning. I find myself checking my instagram far too often to figure out if I've already worn a combination before or to make sure that there have been sufficient days in between before I can wear the same piece again.

It's been great for forcing me to think a little more creatively about what I wear each day, to pull out those Me Mades that don't get any wear and to not just throw on the same old thing each day. But it's definitely becoming a challenge.

All I can say is, thank goodness for cardigans and their ability to transform the same outfit into something new.

Day 14 - 
It's started to get much cooler in the evenings here now. Today I invented a new fashion - pj's under dresses. Comfy and warm!

Wearing - Polka Dot Billie Jean

14May 2013 1

Day 15 -
I can't even remember what I did that day... but I really like those shoes.

Wearing - Self-drafted Grey Circle Skirt

15May 2013 1

Day 16 - 
Today you got a bonus glasses shot. No, they are not 'for show'. I wear them all day every day so I can see you :)

Wearing - Stripes and Stripes Dress

16May 2013 1

16May 2013 3

Day 17 -
I did baking today. I made a gluten free version of these. Yum.

If you plan to make them, put chocolate chips into the muffin batter as well. You won't regret it. Promise.

Wearing - Self-drafted Black Circle Skirt

17May 2013 2

Day 18 - 
It's Saturday! We went to look at art and made an impromptu stop at the Australian Museum. They have snakes and lizards there. Awesome.

Wearing - 60's McCalls Wool Skirt

18May 2013 2

18May 2013 1

Day 19 - 
Mostly couldn't be bothered getting dressed today. But I did get a lot done. Watch out for a bunting tutorial coming up on the blog this Friday (with a free downloadable pattern I drafted!).

Wearing - Vogue Violet Wrap Dress

19May 2013 1

Day 20 - 
Ahhhh Monday, we meet again.

Wearing - Self-drafted Blue Circle Skirt

20May 2013 1

10 comments on "Me Made May - Week 3"
  1. So Jen, what do you wear when you are gardening or cleaning? I can't picture you in modern jeans... but then, who knows? You look lovely in high-waisted skirt and fitted dresses - i can see why you choose them so often! Good luck with the rest of MMM! :)

  2. Another fantastic week from you! I'm finding it challenging to get dressed too. I feel like I have enough me-made clothes for the challenge, but I just don't wear about half of those for some reason. Oh well, I suppose it's time to bring them out these last couple weeks!

  3. Omg I totally agree! I am having so much trouble. I hate being restricted in my clothing. And the weather here has just gotten chilly and most of my makes are summery.

  4. You have a great me made wardrobe!

  5. Those circle skirts are just so lovely :)

  6. Thanks everyone!!!

    Gillian - I do have a pair of Heyday pants I wore in week 1 with my Jasmin blouse. I've also made a muslin of a pair of 40's pants that need some fitting things fixed before they become real pants.

    I actually used to have a stack of jeans years ago, I was a jeans and tee girl. My style has changed quite dramatically over the years as I found vintage styles and saw how much more flattering they were on me and how much more confident I became with my body when wearing them.

    When cleaning or doing chores, it's a circle skirt and a basic fitted tee. Circle skirts are so versatile that I find you can dress them up or down.

    I'm also a fan of cleaning in my pjs and doing house-y things in my pj's when I'm not going out or expecting anyone around.

    I also change into my pj's in the evening for relaxing in front of the tv or doing a spot of sewing.

    Basically, I love pj's and circle skirts.

  7. es muy bonita la falda rosa

  8. Hey,
    super sweet outfits. I love them!

  9. I love your circle skirt/cardigan "uniform" it's such a beautiful silhouette on you, and you have a nice variety of aesthetically pleasing combinations!


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