Tailors Ham 101

Friday, May 17, 2013

~ Unfortunately the pattern I used for this project has now disappeared along with the website. I have made a free Tailor's Ham pattern for you though, please head over here to download it ~

You guys - I made ham!

Okay, I made a tailors ham. But it was still delicious to make. Simple and I used up some fabric scraps to boot.

I used this free pattern from Chance of Rain (bonus, it also has a kidney shaped ham and a sleeve roll, all in one) and also mostly followed her tutorial.

Since I didn't have any sawdust to hand, I did some research on whether I could just use poly-fill, and found that while you can, if you want to be fancy and do it like the pro's, sawdust is the stuffing of choice. Fabric scraps are widely regarded to be just as good, but your ham may need re-stuffing in a few years since they squash down over time (have any of you had any experience with this?).

I also ended up using 5 layers of fabric in total. The inner layer is calico/muslin, the bottom layer is a scrap of vintage rosey pink wool left over from this skirt and the top is a scrap of floral fabric left over from this dress, as well as the underlining from it. The scrap I used still had the under lining attached so I just went with it and thought that it would give some extra smoothness to the finished ham.

I managed to find my sawdust from a pet shop, but the smallest bag they had was 1 kilo. I still have enough to make a sleeve roll and a several more hams from it I think.

Also, just a quick note when stuffing your ham with sawdust, it's best to do it outside. I ended up with it all over the courtyard, myself and Monty, who was innocently snoozing in the sun. To be fair though, it was windy...

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6 comments on "Tailors Ham 101"
  1. es muy bonito :)

  2. What a lovely ham! I'm also planning on making my own. Thanks for the pattern tips. I also found some patterns on the serger pepper blog.

  3. Cute ham! I have made one with fabric scraps (mostly wool) and have not had any trouble with it flattening out. I think you just have to really stuff it full.

  4. Oh, I'm so excited to try this! I got a ham around Christmas, and I've since decided I would really love a sleeve roll!

  5. It's so pretty! I love my ham, but have been thinking about making a sleeve roll at some point in the future. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  6. Really pretty! What a fun project (sawdust and all)!


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