One Pattern, Seven Bloggers 5

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Well, here we are, at the end of the One Pattern Seven Bloggers challenge.

I have to apologise for the bad indoor/night photos, I didn't get it finished on Sunday and when I get home after work now it's dark dark dark.

Dress 1

Dress 3

Dress 2

I'm really happy with the overall fit of the dress and the modifications I made (though the pleats would look better if I had been bothered to iron them). I ended up taking off the little cap sleeves and added pleats to the skirt. I do have plans to make a bow belt to match the dress but that will have to wait. Overall, I liked the pattern though wouldn't recommend it for a novice sewer - the instructions are a bit vague. Though that makes it a fantastic pattern for the moderate sewer who is looking to start modifying patterns by themselves.

It's a great basic dress that really does have endless variations and can be made for winter or summer depending on the fabric you use.
It has a lovely vintage silhoette for those looking for that style, but as a warning (and one that I have to thank those who left comments mentioning it) the neckline is V-E-R-Y low. Fix that before you cut your real fabric.

Make sure you check out the other girls, everyone has done such a fantastic job!!



18 comments on "One Pattern, Seven Bloggers 5"
  1. Stunning! The colour looks great on you. I agree with you that this dress would be best for moderate level sewers. It is a great base for modifications. I think I might make another one but more summery this time. I am thinking pink eyelet with a floral sash. I also think this dress would look great with little puff sleeves.

  2. Jen, this is gorgeous in its simplicity and I adore the colour! Your pleats are faultless too, any chance you could share some tips with us?

  3. Oh it looks lovely! You did such a good job! I can just see you with a long sleeve blouse underneath and a skinny contrasting belt for these chilly days we're getting :)

  4. Jen you look positively beautiful in your dress! I adore your pleats and fabric choice. You're one classy lady and a total inspiration! Sam xox

  5. Wow! That's a-mazing. A job well done in need. And the pleats look amazing (not iron needed - in my opinion anywho).

  6. I love it! The pleats in the skirt are really lovely and flattering on you. Well done!

    I've heard its gone a bit cold in Sydney. It was 41C yesterday - shall I send you some heat and sunshine?

  7. I love your modifications to the bodice, and that pleated skirt is amazing! How do you figure out how big to make the pleats and how much fabric to cut? I think it would be really hard to make it fit my waist.

    I really like your shoes! (and your cat)

  8. lovely colour, the pleats look really good too. well done, I'm really enjoying looking through all the different dress's.

  9. Jen that looks great :) I like that you've chosen quite a smart fabric - it gives a new look to the dress. And I love your pleating, it looks very professional! *so* wishing I could sew!!

  10. Even your indoor photos are insanely pretty! How do you do it?! Also, your pleats are PERFECT. I really need to learn how to do them! x

  11. Beautiful dress! Love the green too- it's fabulous! I really must learn how to sew...

  12. As usual another beautiful creation. Not only is the dress gorgeous but it looks gorgeous on you!

  13. Ooh, I really like your version, very simple and elegant! I made a dress using the same pattern but used a grey cotton, makes it look a little boring. I wish I had used a dark green like you, I keep forgetting that I want a dress in that color haha!

  14. Lovely dress. Your modified neckline is very flattering, and the rich British Racing Green is gorgeous. It will be so easy to dress this up or down. Bow belt sounds great too!

  15. Wow, your dress turned out so well. I envy the sewing skills of you and the other girls! I love the color green you chose and the pleating! Haha, I love that your cat just laying on the floor in that last picture, so cute.

  16. Congrats, that looks amazing and well done catching that neckline before cutting the fabric!


  17. It's so pretty! I love the pleats, and I can see how versatile it would be. We haven't even had summer here yet and I'm already thinking about how this would make a nice Christmas dress!

  18. I like pictures of dandy lions. they just seem so free and inspirational. and they are pretty.


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