Me Made Maternity - Week 25: The Conversation...

Monday, February 16, 2015

So, it went something like this...

"Hey Hun? Can we take bump photos before you leave your pregnant wife to go and play video games with your friend?"

David, looking up from having just finished the vacuuming, "Oh, yes, of course..."

Click, click, clickety-click

"Okay, I think we have enough Head to Toe's, can we do the close up's now?"

"Mmmm hmmm."

Pregnant lady turns to the side and puts hands over and under belly.

David "Oh, I forgot you were pregnant. It looks like you just shoved a pillow up there..."

That, my friends, ain't no pillow. No lovely, soft pillow that I know of could kick you from the inside, cause sleepless nights from heartburn, not let you sleep on your back, give you achy-restless legs...

I can, thankfully, control the heartburn since after a little experiment, I discovered that it's probably a teeny little bit too much sugar causing it (with my small passenger being the initial catalyst). But it's such a cruel cruel thing, especially when I just wanna eat all the chocolate...

Other than those few annoyances, the pregnancy seems to be going a long just fine. He's very very wriggly, and will let me know when I'm in a position that he doesn't approve of. We also have the name. We've actually had it for a while, and I have to be honest, I do have to stop myself blurting it out to people accidentally since David and I call him his name when we're alone.

The other conversation went something like this...

"Hey Hun! Did you know that the baby is now the size of a cabbage this week, and my uterus is the size of a soccer ball?'

David, staring at my stomach, "But....where does everything go?"

My point exactly!!

15 comments on "Me Made Maternity - Week 25: The Conversation..."
  1. Haha! Those are some great conversations! You're looking great!

    1. Tehee, it's funny the little everyday conversations that stick in your head :)

  2. I can totally relate to maternity sewing, bumps and heartburn, having had twin boys in October last year! Thanks for the wonderful sewing inspiration and all the best!

    1. Oh twins!! I can't even imagine, I'm complaining enough with just one, hehe. I wonder if you get twice the symptoms with twins?

  3. I love this dress! and your bump is so cute!

    1. Thanks so much, I love this dress too, it's getting a serious workout (along with her sisters!)

  4. Your maternity outfits look do comfy yet still reflect your style. You always look amazing

  5. A pillow!? That was so funny! I'm glad that you're still able to wear pretty dresses from before the "pillow" ;)

  6. Pillow!? That was funny! I'm glad that you're still able to wear pretty dresses from before the "pillow" ;)


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