A Busy Week...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Last week was a busy week, so much so that we completely forgot about taking photos for Me Made Maternity Week 24 - oops!

We went to a friends wedding on Saturday and I was still able to fit into one of my new dress pattern samples. It was really nice to be able to wear the dress somewhere before it got to the point that it was just too tight. The image above is a little sneaky peek of it...

I'm still working away on the final tweaks for the dress pattern, but I've had a few other projects that I've left sorely hanging that desperately need to be finished, then I can work out the last few details, and have the pattern ready for release on Wednesday next week. Woot!!

We also had to decommission our kitchen for the first half of last week due to getting new flooring in. There was dust everywhere and we had to cover everything with plastic drop cloths to try to keep the dust off our kitchen things. But my goodness, what a transformation! It really does look amazing. We also sanded and varnished the little built in wooden shelf and the window frames in there and after nearly a year, the kitchen is finally coming together. A new housey-post is due soon I think - I feel like we're finally moving in, after, oh, you know, only a year...

And paper pattern-wise? Well, I've just started the tentative first steps towards this wee goal last week too. It involves new a logo and blog branding - watch this space (er, blog...).

4 comments on "A Busy Week..."
  1. Exciting, looking forward to see all the coming new stuff! Well done!!

  2. Ooh pretty sneak peek.
    Happy house finishing. We're in the middle of home remodeling too and it can be quite daunting. Keep pacing yourself! You'll get there!

    1. Yes, pacing things out definitely helps! It's so daunting, but we're finally getting there are making the house how we want it - I know you know what I mean :) The dust and dirt leaves (after being wiped down several times) and you're left with the amazingness of seeing your vision come to life.


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