Me Made Maternity: Week 26 - Thinking Twice

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Hello everyone!

Ahhh, week 26 - only two more weeks and I'll be in my third trimester. Gulp.

I've been wearing my Felicity dresses quite a bit over these past few weeks, trying to get as much wear out of them as I can until I can't fit into them anymore. I wore the pink version to a wedding and the green version out to lunch on Valentines day (we went back to the place we got married - we hadn't actually been there since) and I thought it'd be fun to take bump photos wearing it this week, compared to the ones we took a few weeks back for the release post (and thank you so much for your lovely comments on the Felicity Dress Pattern by the way!).

I'm actually a little bit amazed at how many of my pre-pregnancy me-mades still fit me. There are also a tonne that don't, but most of my tops and blouses fit, as well as (obviously) my knit Vogue dresses and Bronte tops (watch out for a maternity Bronte hack in the near future!). And Felicity of course. I may have cheated a tiny bit there though, because when I made my samples, I did end up shortening the bodice by 5mm and grading out at the waist to not-quite the next size up, just to make sure I'd still fit the dresses for a few more weeks - I knew I'd still want to wear them with all of the gorgeous weather we've been having lately and Felicity really is such a quick wee summer dress to stitch up that is pretty and comfortable (if I may say so myself...*blush*).

I've been busy working out the dates for the Felicity sew along and all the posts that will go into it - the dress, while quick to make up, really does lend itself to so many sewing techniques that can be translated into other patterns. So, I'm excited to share them all with you, and I'm planning to do that in an ever so slightly unconventional way.

Ha! I'm making it sound way more exciting than it is, but, nothing like a bit of suspense right?

Also, apologies that this post is a wee bit late, that is mostly due to a headache. Yes, a headache. When you're pregnant, you should generally try to avoid taking any medication other than what you need to take (like, you know, if you're taking heart medication or something, you should probably keep taking that I'm guessing...). While my midwife has said paracetamol is okay to be taken occasionally, it's best to try to get rid of headaches in other ways first, like drinking water and laying down in a dark place.

We took these photos, as we do all Me Made Maternity photos, on Sunday. I didn't quite get around to editing and writing a post on Sunday afternoon because I was finishing some non-selfish sewing, thinking I'd get around to the bloggy stuff after dinner that evening. Well, my head had other ideas, and suffice to say, I ended up going to bed really early. On Monday, I tried to avoid screens as much as possible since the headache, while not as bad, was definitely still lingering in the background.

Being pregnant really makes you think twice about things you would normally just do - if you have a headache, you take a nurofen. If you want something heavy moved, you move it etc, and while I actually generally do still move heavy-ish things around (sometimes you want it moved and there's no one else around to move it!) I do try to wait until David is here to do the big things. 

But there are just so many little things you shouldn't do when you're pregnant - it makes you feel ever so slightly incapable I have to admit. Depending on others for silly little things like moving a box can get a little tiresome. Though, I suppose I should milk it while I can - I am enjoying not having to change the cat litter, let's be honest :)

7 comments on "Me Made Maternity: Week 26 - Thinking Twice"
  1. Hi Jen, I just noticed the pockets in your dress for the first time! You've done so much sewing-wise in the last year, and now babywise! Being out of the blogging world for a bit, you really notice when someone powers along! Well done you!

    1. Hey Veronica!! Yes, it's been a mega year of sewing, it's been really lovely actually. But I imagine I'll be taking some time out of the blogging world soon with a lil un' on the way. Gulp, big changes, but exciting ones :)

  2. I can imagine how annoying some things can be. I'm not allowed to take most of the well known painkillers due to my mast cells activation syndrome, so it's just paracetamol for me too. Just take it easy, you're carrying another human being!

    I love your dress and I'm planning to make it soon :)

    1. Yes, that is what I keep reminding myself, but it's so hard when you're used to just diving in and getting things done!!

      Yay, I'm so glad you like the dress and will be whipping one up yourself - it's a quick make so hopefully you'll be twirling around in no time :)


  3. Your maternity me mades are really inspiring, thanks for sharing!
    I also think your sress is delightful...

  4. love the new Felicity dress Jen! any chance the sewing modifications might include raglan sleeves? I can just see this with contrast binding and pocket piping!!!

    1. Thanks!! I am actually trying to whip up a set in sleeve pattern - but it's requiring some changes to the bodice armscye pieces which is taking a bit longer to do that I first thought. But, if you do buy the pattern now, once the sleeve/extra bodice pieces have been drafted, I'll be emailing everyone an updated copy :) Hope that helps!!


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