Me Made Maternity: Week 23 - But Where do your insides go?

Monday, February 2, 2015

I can't quite seem to find the words today. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my insides are slowly being pushed out of the way for an ever expanding baby. I've noticed this past week that I can't eat the usual amount of food I normally would at each meal due to my stomach being slowly evicted of more and more space. This leads to a really full stomach much sooner AND I find it harder to breath as my fuller sooner-than-usual stomach needs somewhere to go, so it in turn squishes my lungs out of the way.

Sort of reminds me of a kid's tune "There were lots of (important) organs in the body and the little baby said, roll over, roll over..." or something like that.

Having to determinedly breathe my way through 2 pieces of toast (or a bowl of cereal and yoghurt) and a small coffee each morning, is not my usual, relaxing, breakfast routine. And it's not exactly the biggest breakfast ever - especially when you'd actually prefer a large cup of coffee...

And yes, having smaller meals at a more regular interval sounds like a great idea in theory. But in practice, when you have pregnant-lady appetite, even after you've breathed your way through breakfast and are full to exploding and pretty much can't breathe any more, you still feel the never ending need eat MOAR!

Quite the turn around from the first trimester, I must admit. And I still have roughly 17 weeks of expanding left to do (yikes, when you look at it that way.... man the panic stations please!!).

This week I am wearing my trusty denim-bought-from-Paris Cressida skirt. It still fits. It might be straining slightly at the waist band, but by golly, it still fits. And if you were worried about the inseam-pockets gaping on the pattern, I did design the curve at the waist very carefully and specifically not to no do that, but also, photographic proof that a pregnant lady can wear it and still not have gaping pockets.

Just in case you were wondering :)

Right, where are the snacks...

8 comments on "Me Made Maternity: Week 23 - But Where do your insides go?"
  1. Yes, heartburn and breathlessness; the twin pillars of my pregnancies

    1. YES! I had the worst heartburn in the middle of the night last night and hardly managed any sleep. Now I'm just grumpy today, hehe :)

  2. You are so right about eating. Food becomes a chore. You can only eat a little at a time, but you're still hungry all of the time so you just have to eat all day. You look so cute!

    1. It's such a chore, but I'm hungry all the time! Tehee, things people don't tell you about pregnancy huh??

  3. You are the most fabulous looking, teeny stomached lady. Not being able to stuff your face sounds awful! x

  4. Your outfit is lovely. And I hear you about getting full quickly - I am the same. I get SUPER hungry and want to eat everything, but then get full after a couple of mouthfuls! Ah the joys!
    But I was pretty excited to feel my first kick last week, so that certainly made up for the heartburn/ breathlessness / hunger / feeling full!!!!

  5. I can image how difficult it will be to breath. Take it easy!

  6. I never thought it was possible to be simultaneously in excruciating pain from heartburn and indigestion AND starving to death. It is SO WEIRD, right? But it is possible.

    You look super cute, I love that skirt. I'm impressed that you can wear it, though. When I was pregnant I developed a skin-crawling dislike of anything tight or scratchy or binding ... well, basically, all woven fabrics. LOL! It was so intense.


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