Me Made May 14 - Week Four Outfit Round Up

Monday, May 26, 2014
Nearly there folks! Here is my outfit round up for Week 4 of Me Made May, if you feel like following along on Instagram, I'm posting my outfits over there daily...

15th May

16th May

Wearing - 50's Pattern Floral Dress (with Monty as my reluctant fluffy accessory - he's rather unimpressed with Me Made May I think, when can we stop taking photos already?)

17th May

18th May

19th May

20th May

21st May

22nd May

23rd May

Happy last week of Me Made May everyone!


7 comments on "Me Made May 14 - Week Four Outfit Round Up"
  1. Lovely outfits - you have a great style. I do think your kitty needs to get into the spirit of things though...outfit photos + cat = BEST!

    1. Thanks so much Melanie! And I so agree, I'll tell Monty you said so :)

  2. I like your cardi and skirt ensembles. Your Kate Middleton dress is lovely.

  3. Seriously. You are too cute.

  4. Love following this. But tell me - where did you find that grey top with the sailor collar? It is just stunning!!

    1. Thanks Bec! It's actually a vintage one that I've had for a few years now. I love it so much, and it's cashmere to boot :)

  5. I really enjoy seeing your simple and elegant styling of dresses and skirts. I especially enjoy your combinations of blue dresses of various descriptions and red tights: it's made me think about how I style that combo! Kx


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