Me Made May 14 - Week Three Outfit Round Up + Giveaway #3

Friday, May 16, 2014
I've just read Zoe's latest post (in which she shares the details for giveaway number 3 courtesy of The Polished Button!!) and at the very beginning, she just casually mentions that we're half way through May. 

Ummm, WHAT? Can it be? Surely not. Except that yes, actually, we are half way through May already. So, after my last post, have you found some holes in your wardrobe that may be filled with a lovely vintage pattern from The Polished Button? Well, best go find out how you can win one then huh? It's open to everyone too, not just Me Made May-ers.

So, the weekly round up for May continues thus...

9th May

10th May

Wearing - unblogged (but worn almost constantly ever since it was made) self-drafted wool pencil skirt.

11th May

12th May

Wearing - Self-drafted Blue Circle Skirt (ahhh, circle skirts, always coming to my rescue! Lucky I have something in mind along these lines for pattern number 3!!)

13th May

Wearing - why, it's an Afternoon Blouse of course (and pants!!)

14th May

Wearing - my Emery dress

Today, it's busy busy busy round these parts as I try my very hardest to finish pattern number 2 ready to head off to my lovely pattern testers. I'm so excited about this one!!

8 comments on "Me Made May 14 - Week Three Outfit Round Up + Giveaway #3"
  1. it all looks lovely - I do love your style!

  2. Your outfits are all so pretty! I really like your circle skirts. They are seemingly plain, but they definitely look like wardrobe staples; they could go with anything.

  3. Wow! What an awesome week in outfits. I love every single one. You've created such a gorgeous, stylish wardrobe. Very inspiring.

  4. Lovely outfits again. Your circle skirts suit you so much!

  5. I think that it one of my favourite merry dresses. It is so pretty, but at the same time really everyday wearable. Can't wait to see your next pattern - lovely to hear a progress report!

  6. *emery dresses - darned auto correct!

  7. Hi Jen

    I keep seeing people wearing the BHL Flora dress and it is just so pretty! So that is the one I would choose :)

    I love your circle skirts!


  8. After seeing your fabulous red circle skirt and tights, I think I need more red in my wardrobe.


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