The Autumn Apples in Winter Dress...

Monday, June 10, 2013
10June 2013 8

You can't beat a Sydney winter. No long sleeves and only light stockings on a lovely Sunday afternoon - yes please! Don't get me wrong, we've had a few cold days, but nothing like a Dunedin winter day (that happened 2 weeks ago on my birthday by the way).

This early 60's pattern from Advance was a dream to sew up. I really really enjoyed making this dress. It was easy, quick and it has no darts. Let me repeat: No Darts! All of the shaping comes from the gathers at the neckline on both the front and back and the bias cut across the bodice.

I made the dress with a printed cotton seersucker and really like the way the stripes in the fabric lend a subtle chevron detail up the middle of the bodice. I think this would look great in a more striking stripey or plaid fabric.

10June 2013 6

10June 2013 13

And look at them there set in sleeves!

I generally try to avoid set in sleeves because I seem to believe that they are harder than they actually are. Using my new dress form, I managed to get the sleeve sitting perfectly at the edge of my shoulder and my tailors ham also came in mighty handy for shaping and ironing those little beauties into place once sewn on. Much better than a rolled up tea towel. So if you don't have one, I suggest you make one toot sweet!

10June 2013 14

10June 2013 2

10June 2013 9

And as is always my problem (because I buy fabric without knowing what I'll make with it most of the time...) I couldn't do the full circle skirt. So I made it a 3/4 skirt and added two tiny little pleats (one to each side) at the front of the skirt to give it a little bit more pouf.

10June 2013 7

10June 2013 4

And those spots on the fabric are apples, but there was some debate about that the other night. I knew all along that they were apples, but the conversation went something like this -

Skyping with my cousin:
A - What are those spots on the fabric you put on Instagram?
Me - Apples.
David - Really? I thought they were trees.
Me - Nope. They are Apples.
David - Are you sure?
*Gets up to inspect fabric*
Me - Yes, they are apples!
David - Yep, they are apples.
A - So, they are apples?
Me - Yes! They are Apples!!!!!!!
David - Yes, they are apples.
A - You'll need to put a close up shot of those on your blog so we all know they really are apples...

So, here is the close up shot (including a close up of the neckline and sleeves) - please feel free to agree with me in the comments that they are apples...

10June 2013 12

If you have a hankering to make this little dress, I have seen this pattern pop up on Etsy a few times, so look out for it.

36 comments on "The Autumn Apples in Winter Dress..."
  1. Adorable dress. I love the fabric you chose.. Happy sewing.

  2. What an adorable dress! That fabric is so cute and the sleeves look great. I can NEVER seem to set in a sleeve properly, I usually add pleats or gathers or just avoid them all together.

  3. Wow, that is adorable! I will definitely be checking Etsy for the pattern. The fabric is so perfect. Good job on the sleeves!

  4. Seriously gorgeous dress, Jen. Love the fabric xx

  5. I think i've got this pattern saved in my etsy favourites. That fabric is gorgeous!

  6. Oh my goodness Jen, that is adorable!!! I love the little tucks on the bodice.

    I am the same as you when it comes to fabric buying. Today we stopped in at Spotlight and printed sateen was on special so I bought 2 metres...I hope that's enough to make whatever I decide to use it for!

  7. Love, love, love! This is just gorgeous! And I agree they are apples, and I class myself as an expert since I have recently gone through a fruit fabric phase. Love this dress!

  8. Yes, they are apples!
    Gorgeous dress, I'll be hunting down this pattern :)

  9. Such a lovely dress, beautiful shape!

  10. te quedo muy bonito el vestido

  11. I like how they've done the shaping you describe in the bodice. Thanks for including that in the post, it is a unique detail we might not have picked up on otherwise.

  12. Yes, yes they are apples and so cute. Love this dress on you. It looks like something that will work well both in the summer and the winter. I actually have the pattern and mocked up a muslin last year, It did not look so cute on me.

  13. Gorgeous dress! It's a great shape and colour for you. I love the fabric. And yep definitely apples. Imogen had a onesie that my sister and I constantly debate about. I think it's a watermelon and she thinks its a strawberry.

  14. This dress is BEAUTIFUL! I really love the seersucker print you used to sew it with! It's an interesting twist to see seersucker in a print besides stripes. I'm also really amazed that there are no darts in the bodice of this. It looks like it's perfectly tailored for you.

  15. Love the dress. Where did the fabric come from? Can you order online? Want, want want!

  16. Love the dress. Where did the fabric come from? Can you order online? Want, want want!

  17. So what are they....apples? :P

    Another gorgeous dress in a fabulous print on a beautiful lady.

  18. Fantastic dress! The fit and style are perfect, as are the print and colors. Lovely work!

  19. What a gorgeous dress, Jen! It suits you perfectly and I love that there are NO DARTS! LOL!

  20. This is so sweet! I love it!

  21. I hate to be that person, but please tell me you got that fabric online somewhere! I love apples, I even have one tattooed on my shoulder! :-)

    I love your blog! The dress looks great.

  22. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress! I love the tree-print fabric...or is it apples...hehe ;o)

    I literally realised during the making of my last dress that I seriously need a tailor's ham. Pressing princess seams without one is kind of may have to make one soon!

  23. Yup, they are tiny little apples! Love this dress. The gathers at the neckline are so pretty.

  24. Yes, they are tiny little apples! Love this dress. The gathers at the neckline are really pretty.

  25. Definitely apples :-) Jealous of your weather, although it's not been TOO cold here recently. This is a really cute dress though and is so pretty with the gathers at the neckline.

  26. Great dress, I love the pattern detail. They are definitely apples, how do I know? I have the exact same print, but mine is a voile :)

  27. Thanks for the fabric love everyone :)

    I didn't buy it online though :( I bought it at Spotlight on sale in November last year. I'm not sure they still stock it either. So sorry!

  28. This is such a cute dress! Like everyone else I love the fabric! Well done!

  29. Very pretty dress! They are most certainly apples, and I am loving that print! So cute!

  30. You find the cutest patterns and make such lovely pieces from them!! I really enjoyed seeing this outfit and it fits you so nicely!!!! Gorgeous! Great job!

  31. Such a pretty dress and fabric! I like the change you made to the skirt - hard to believe the dress was from a vintage pattern.

  32. It's a lovely dress! Nice shape and the fabric is cute. I'm curious about this "no darts" thing, I'd like to try a pattern in this style one day. It seems to fit very nicely even if it doesn't have any darts.

  33. I love this dress! Alas I can't find the pattern for sale anywhere :( I think the fabric you chose works perfectly :)

  34. When you buy fabric without having a plan for it, how much do you usually buy? So what is a sensible amount to be useful without extravagant?

    1. Hey Meggie - it kind of depends. Generally I tend to mostly make dresses, so at least 2 metres and if you really like the fabric, 3metres. But it really does depend. If you thought it might turn into a skirt one day, depending on your personal taste, 1.5metres might be fine. You should also take into account the width of the bolt too, you'll obviously get more fabric to play with if your bolt is 150cm width for example, rather than 115cm (which are standard widths). Is that at all helpful?? :)


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