Me Made May - The Final Week

Monday, June 3, 2013
31May 2013 2
 Mochy makes an appearance on the final day...

I did it! Me Made May is over and I stuck to my pledge to wear one me-made garment everyday for the month of May, post my outfit to flickr and instagram daily and have a weekly round up on my blog.

How did you guys go?

Like many others, I really struggled towards the end. But it was a great exercise in making me go through all of my me mades, wear them and find out why I maybe hadn't worn some of them since they were finished. It was also great for figuring out the gaps in my wardrobe that really need filling.

Pants are my number one must make at the moment (after I've finished a little early-60s number I began last week). I made a muslin a few weeks back of a pair of 40s pants and we didn't hit it off. I knew when I was cutting the muslin that they didn't look right and that they looked almost nothing like the front cover, but I didn't trust my gut to make some very basic changes to that initial muslin and low and behold, they looked awful!

Don't you hate that? When you know things aren't looking right but you charge on ahead because the pattern must be right! You would think I'd know better by now...

Any way, a new sewing list will be coming up soon to replace my Summer one. I ended up making quite a few items on that list (and also started but didn't finish a few more) and found that having it really did help to keep me focused on what I really wanted to make and what I really needed to make.

Day 28 - 
My birthday! A new MacBook Air and a huge box of chocolates.

Wearing - Billie Jean Polka Dot Dress

28May 2013

Day 29 - 
Plaid and bonus glasses today!

Wearing - Mad at the Plaid Dress

29May 2013 1

29May 2013 2

Day 30 - 
My little 50s Sailor Sweater deserves a post all of it's own!

Wearing - Self-drafted Black Circle Skirt

30May 2013 1

Day 31 - 
Freaking out and trying to get everything ready for my first market the next day.

Wearing - 40s knit dress aka Vogue 8728

31May 2013 1

And what did I wear on June 1st when the challenge was over and I didn't need to wear a me made? I wore the exact same outfit from Day 23. It was comfy, warm and 'put together' enough for my first market (which was fun by the way, I made new crafty friends and sold out of my bird tea towel!).

11 comments on "Me Made May - The Final Week"
  1. Holy moly, that is the biggest box of chocolates I've ever seen :p And yes, more please on your sailor jumper- it's too cute for words!

    It's too bad you're not in Melb- I've been at sewing class today where we're drafting pants and my toile is not quite perfect, but even so they're the best fitting pants I've ever made. You should see what's on in Sydney & whether there's anything similar. It's definitely been worth it so far

  2. Oh my...that sweater is adorable!

    Everything you made and wore looked fabulous. Happy Birthday!

  3. AMAZING box of chocs!!

    Gorgeous dresses too :)

  4. me gustan mucho las faldas de lunares

  5. LOL,I love the pic of you "eating" your box of chocolates. Congrats on making your Me-Made-May goal! I really enjoyed all your outfits.

  6. Congratulations! It was great to watch your outfits!

  7. Love love love all your me made may outfits. You've made me realise I need to make myself some new circle skirts.

  8. You weren't joking about the size of the chocolate box from your parents!!! Wow! I've loved seeing all your gorgeous outfits and congrats on your success at the market!

  9. Holy cow, you ain't kiddin' about the size of that chocolate box! Happy birthday, girl!

  10. Thanks Jenny - I think I'll need to look into it. But I'm building up my courage to try them again this weekend :) Wish me luck!

  11. Whoa, that really is a huge box of chocolates! You did so great with MMM, each of your outfits was beautiful.


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