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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

So, you got all confident that you could tackle sewing Willa. You chose your fabric, purchased the pattern and then went WHAT?! Why are there are SO MANY FILES TO DOWNLOAD? This is not what I signed up for!

Let me explain, it all makes sense, I promise!

Yikes! That's a lot of files. So many, I could't even fit them all on the screen shot...

First up, yes, there are lots of pattern files to choose from, eleven to be precise...

  • Now that I have two pattern blocks (JLH Curve and JLH Original) and you get both pattern blocks with your pattern purchase, you're essentially getting two patterns in one. These cannot be layered on top of each other because they are different, so need separating out.

  • I also offer both a Print-at-home format AND a Print Shop format for ease of use. These need to be broken down so that whichever way you choose to print your pattern, they will print to scale.

  • Finally, because I include multiple bust cups - Willa comes with A to D cups in the Original pattern and C to F cups in the Curve pattern - smooshing all of the pattern files together really would just make for one big headache trying to cut the correct outline and masses of paper when it comes to printing. So, I opt to break things up into more manageable sized chunks to make it easy, especially if you're only wanting to print one cup size set.

JLH Curve or JLH Original?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you're going to make the Curve or the Original pattern.  I'll be going into more depth on choosing a size in the next Sew Along post tomorrow, but you can find all of the information you need in the instruction file. Just read it through carefully and thoroughly.

Once you've decided, just find all of the pattern files that have the word CURVE or ORIGINAL at the start of the named pattern file. For this example, I've chosen Curve, these are circled (squared?) by a blue box below.

Which Cup Size are you making?

The next thing you need to decide is which cup size you're making. Willa has two cups combined per front piece. So, if you're an A cup, you'll choose the Original A+B cup front pattern.  If you're making an F cup, you'll choose the Curve E+F cup size. 

If you're in between sizes, have a look at the sizing information included in the instructions - again, a more in-depth post about choosing a size will be available tomorrow. But let's pretend I'm wanting to make an F cup.

Are you printing at Home OR sending to a Print Shop?

If you're printing from home, find all of the pattern files that say 'A4/Letter' at the end of the file name. There will be two of these, one that contains the front of the coat called 'Coat Front_All Cups'  and one that contains the remaining coat pieces, called 'Back, Sleeves, Extras'. Download and save these to your computer.

Open the Front Coat file - you'll see on Page One that the cups are broken into two C+D & E+F for the Curve file (and A+B & C+D for the Original file). 

You only need to print the pages of the cup size you're making, if you want all cups printed, print all pages. If you've opened your Curve file and are planning on making an F cup only, you only need to print pages 47-92 etc.

Print out the entire Back, Sleeves, Extras file.

If you're printing at a Print Shop, find all of the pattern files that say 'A0 Print Shop' at the end of the file name - there will be three of these. Two that contain the front pattern pieces in their respective cup sizes and one that contains the rest of the coat pattern not effected by differing cups. Download and save these to your computer.

You can send all three files to your Print Shop if you want to have all of the cups printed on paper. 

If you only want one (the F cup for example), then just download and send the file that is labelled Front Coat E+F  as well as the file that contains the remaining coat pieces, called 'Back, Sleeves, Extras'.


And then, there's just one set of lonely Instructions to print out, all the way down at the bottom of that long list of files. You can either download and save to your computer for viewing during construction, or print them out if you find it easier to have a physical copy.

If it's all still confusing and overwhelming, just send me an email with the size you're wanting to make and I'll let you know which to print out!!

You can purchase your Willa Wrap Coat pattern here and check out the full Sew Along Schedule here.



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