Monday, April 11, 2011
Saturday was a beautiful day here weather wise. I think all of the flowers with a heavy scent must bloom at the end of Summer in Sydney as the sweet smell wafting through the neighbourhood is just amazing at the moment. David and I lazily wandered up to the markets and had a nosey around (I bought a necklace) before grabbing some lunch and doing the weekly grocery shop.

11th April 2011 4

11th April 2011 6

I've had this dress for a long time - probably ever since I started collecting vintage, and I have a confession...this is only the second time I've worn it because I need to take up the straps!

11th April 2011 5

There, I said it. I'm a bad person. I have a small pile of vintage dresses hanging in my wardrobe that need some form of adusting, whether it's taking up the hem, taking in the bust or resewing a zip.

Must. Get. Onto. It!

Thank goodness for Easter break coming up in two weeks time.

14 comments on "Confessions..."
  1. I am the same - I have a fairly large pile and it's rather daunting - especially as it starts to grow.

    But once you get on top of it, it's like you've won a whole bunch of new clothes. :-D

    Cute dress - such a lovely floaty pink.
    And I'm loving the weather at the moment too - Melbourne today was noticeably crisp with the sun shining. LOVE autumn and winter :-D

  2. oh my the outfit!!! it's great!! so vintage and're perfect! kisskiss

  3. awww - it is lovely! I know that problem too well - I have a 'to fix' pile that only seems to grow! eek!

  4. This outfit is so romantic and lovely! You look beautiful in pink. And I know what you mean about accumulating a pile of things that need altering/mending. It shouldn't be hard in theory, but I just let those poor dresses pile up!

  5. the colours, the SO pretty!!!

  6. You look so pretty! I just love all the soft tones of this outfit... lovely. :)

    hehe... I'm the same way with alterations in my closet! I really need to just dedicate an evening or two a week to whittling down that pile; most of them are really easy fixes too. Why do I find it so hard to do little mending things, but not to sew something from scratch?! lol.

    ♥ Casey

  7. So pretty! I love all of your dresses. :-)

  8. I really love your dress but that cover-up blouse is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Perfect colours for a late summer day. I have a whole pile of sewing which never seems to go down (probably because I never do it).

  10. That dress is ever so lovely! Beautiful and feminine and floaty - gorgeous :-)

  11. Pretty! I've got a bit of a sewing-to-do pile, you're not alone :)

  12. Such a pretty outfit, I love the colors. I really like the top you have on over your dress, reminds me of a ballerina top, so cute! I never have the problem of hold on to things I need to alter because I don't have the sewing skills to do alterations ;)

  13. Oh so pretty! Love the little cardigan. I also have a massive pile of alterations lying around that I have been far too lazy to do.

  14. I love how feminine and put together your outfits are. Your posts just keep reminding me of how much I need a wardrobe overhaul that will include more dresses and less black!


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