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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
27th April 2011 6

We just had a 5 day weekend thanks to Easter and ANZAC day all rolling themselves into one. I'm a bit sad it's over now, no more sleep ins and pj days spent knitting, watching Poirot (I'm up to season 10 I think, I started from the beginning last year and am slowly making my way through them all. Next up, Miss Marple) and eating lots of chocolate.

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The weekend before I spent my Sunday swapping my wardrobes over. I've never really had to pack away my closet for the seasons before but due to the sheer lack of space we have, the things I don't wear need to be packed away into a suitcase and tucked under the bed. As I was putting away my pretty summer things and pulling out those things I put away after we returned from our wedding, I found myself wondering how on earth to get dressed in the morning. What will I do now that I can no longer throw on a cute dress and a pair of sandals and be ready to leave the house? I have to layer now?

27th April 2011 3

27th April 2011 2

As much as I'm loving the cooler weather (and Autumn is my favourite!), I've decided my wardrobe is sorely lacking in the cool weather department (despite living in Dunedin for 6 years!). As I'm on a limited budget right now, I need to turn to my stack of fabric and start making myself some more seperates - a grey wool skirt is top of the list! I'm so glad I saved a folder of cool weather inspiration on my computer!

How about you? Do you struggle with inspiration in the changing seasons?

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  1. Ohhh what a pretty dress, you look darling! <3 I am terrible at mixing and matching seperates on top of my dresses and always end up freezing in Winter! I will be watching your blog closely for inspiration ;) x

  2. I struggle with inspiration for layerable options sometimes - pretty summer skirts and dresses are so much easier and fun to sew. I'm working on it though. Being able to knit would help, cosy jumpers and cardi's are where I struggle.

  3. I know exactly what you mean Jen! I have a very limited winter wardrobe, so I am planning on sewing a number of skirts and teaming them with stockings, a cardigan and flats this winter! Sam xox

  4. It's the in-between weather I struggle with; one season ends but the other hasn't quite begun. Too hot for regular layering, but too cold for no layering at all.

    Corduroy is my go-to fabric for cooler weather, as well as cozy cardigans. I'm a skirt/dress kind of girl, so having various weights to choose from really helps.

    I love your green dress! it's so pretty and you look lovely :)

  5. I tend to struggle with inspiration when it comes to warm weather looks, since Florida seems like it's almost perpetual spring/summer weather year-round. (Not really, but it feels like it!) So I get burned out about what to wear after a bit! I've been trying to collect up some new inspiration now that spring is officially here and gear up for the start of "summer" with fresh eyes towards my wardrobe. :)

    Can't wait to see what you whip up! A grey skirt sounds like a great starter. I've been itching to make a grey wool circle skirt since last year, but just haven't gotten to it yet. hehe!

    Oh, and I LOVE your outfit!!!! :)

  6. Jen, you always have the prettiest printed dresses? Where do you find them?? :) You look adorable!

  7. Super cute dress, as always! I am so envious of your dress collection :) I too always feel like I have nothing to wear when the seasons switch over. The season is switching to spring weather and I have no idea what on earth I wore last time the warm weather was here ;)
    I love Miss Marple, so good! I need to watch some now :)

  8. Long time no talk, dear, so I hope all is great with you, since you look so lovely.

    By the way I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog, drop by you might find it interesting and enter, thanks.


  9. GAH! You are so pretty! I love the green of the dress (and the dress as well). Beautiful.

  10. This is a fantastic outfit. I just LOVE the bag!

  11. I love the purse. The color looks amazing with the bright green dress. Very pretty.


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