Summer Picnics...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Today David and I went picknicking.
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Now that we have a car we can explore so many more places - and this time we headed down to Botany Bay national park.It was such a gorgeous day and tomorrow its off to the Zoo for a very belated birthday present to David. We are going over on the ferry, which I think I'm probably more excited about!

10 comments on "Summer Picnics..."
  1. The ferry over to the zoo is lovely! Nothing like it!

    How hot is it today?! Argh.

    It was so nice seeing you on Monday :)

  2. Love the parasol! Your dress is so pretty and it's heavenly to see summer photos whilst I'm in the throes of winter. :)

  3. Gorgeous dress! and what lovely sunny weather you are having there. I wish some of that sun would head up our way. I am sick of the rain!

  4. These shots are so pretty. I love your dress.

  5. have just found your blog and think its absolutely gorgeous! Love your 'Belated Christmas' shot - the teapot is lovely.

    I've recently started my own vintage blog so am always reading around these days and signing up to follow other like-minded blogs!

    Would love you to have a peep if you get a sec -

    will be reading religiously! Sx

  6. Love that last photo. It's so strange seeing you with a parasol when we have snow up here. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  7. Darling frock, perfect for fending off snakes in the bush!!

  8. Now, this picture makes me kind of jealous. I wish it was bright and sunny here, but unfortunately, it's snowing more as we speak! Lucky girl! :)

    And that dress is adorable! That peachy pink color looks really good on you!

  9. MAN that's a pretty dress! The colors are gorgeous together and it's perfect for a sunny picnic.


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