A Year of Change...

Friday, December 31, 2010

As we head on into 2011 and we start making our new years resolutions and grand plans for what the year will hold, one quote (an old one that for some reason I only just discovered a few months ago) that has stuck with me, and one that I believe I'll repeat to myself many times this year is:

80% of success is showing up - Woody Allen.

I'll admit to not being a huge Woody Allen fan, but this quote really does hold meaning. 2010 has been a year of great change for me - David and I moved to Sydney so he could persue his PhD, I got a new job, I hit my quarter life goal post, we got married and we started making tentative friends.

I think it really does take a good year to settle in somewhere completely new, where you have no initial ties. To sort out where on earth you are, to find your favourite coffee shop and that little spot you want to drive too when you feel like getting out of the house. To make friends and meet acquaintances. To learn new skills and find new places -
unfortunately all of this requires some sort of effort and sometimes, it's just so much easier to stay at home.

2011 is the year I plan to push myself to do things I may not be all that comfortable with, because 80% of success is showing up after all - you never know who you'll meet or what opportunities will arise. It's about giving things a go and finding the people and things that make you happy.

Things that I'll be doing this year include:

1) I've signed up for an 8 week photography course. I'm very excited about this and hope it will lead to something else in the future. I start in February! Weeee...

2) Knitting club! I plan to be there next Saturday to learn how to knit and to meet some like minded people (though I really hope it's not this hot! Knitting and hot weather just don't go all that well together...).

3) Have people over for lunch/brunch/dinner more! We had a few people over this year, but our house isn't quite set up for entertaining large groups of people. We will start out small and hopefully grow (FYI if you are invited over and there are more than two of you, you may need your bring your own cutlery!)

There are a few more of course, but I'll keep those to myself for now :)

So here is to 2011 - a year of showing up and of at least 80% success.


9 comments on "A Year of Change..."
  1. Happy 2011 to you Jen! May it be a superb one for you!

  2. Happy 2011 to you Jen! May it be a superb one for you!

  3. They sound like some good resolutions! I'm quickly learning how important it is to jump at every opportunity that comes my way...being scared of failure is only holding me back! So good luck making new friends, and learning to knit!

    Have loved reading your blog over the past year :)

    xox Claire

  4. Happy New Year, Jen! I really like your goals. I plan to push myself out of my comfort zone, too. (Eeeek!)

  5. Happy New Year! Sounds like you have some good resolutions. I could probably stand to go outside my comfort zone, too--staying home IS easy, but it can get a little old!

  6. All great resolutions!! I can't wait to hear about your photography course

  7. Happy New Year. I hope all your new plans work out and I look forward to hearing more about your photography and knitting.

  8. Happy New Year! Just thought I'd pop in to say I adore your blog! Such lovely dresses, cute pictures and sweet stories :) All the best for 2011! (I moved cities when I was 18, and although that was ~7 years ago now, I can still relate to how difficult it is to find your feet, new friends and new favourite spots in a whole new town) xxx

  9. Happy New Year - fabulous goals! I love the one of having people over to eat with you more - we did this last year and it was wonderful!


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