A Wedding in Three Parts - Part 3

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Honeymoon!!

David and I spent the Sunday after the wedding having breakfast with the friends and family who could make it (some had early flights home), spent time with my oldest NZ friend and her partner (who I went to primary school with), picked up our flowers and left over cake from the venue and then spent sometime by ourselves with a yummy dinner at the hotel we were staying at (I also got told I looked like Anna Paquin. Which is odd as I don't really, but a nice way to end the wedding weekend!).

The next day we drove to Christchurch.


Our view of Christchurch from our hotel room, a gift from friends...

Eating breakfast at Berryfields - one of the places considered for the wedding. Worst-service-ever!!! Very glad we ended up not going here (it was also a little too cheesily decorated for my liking - they had fake flowers on the table when they had a glorious garden out the back filled with roses!). But the food was A-mazing, I'll give it that much.

On Tuesday we made our way happily to Akaroa, a little french settlement on the Banks Peninsula where we stayed for three beautiful days.
And this is where we stayed - the French Cottage. It was honestly absolutely stunning and perfect...

House 1 copy

House 2 copy

House 4 copy
Sittiing in the afternoon sun with wine and cheese (more gifts from the wedding)...

House 5 copy


House 3 copy


My sister, as a wedding present, bought us private cooking classes at the Akaroa Cooking School. It was set up by a husband and wife couple, Lou and Ant and it was such a great experience! As people who cook almost all their own meals (eating out all the time is far too expensive!) it was so good to get some new ideas for the dinner rotation. We smoked salmon (and have since bought a smoker, best-thing-ever!!), made salsa verde (omg the deliciousness!) and cooked scallops. It was a three course menu with wines to match all featuring the amazing seafood of Akaroa.

May have been a bit tipsy at this point. Too much wine/champagne had been drunk.


The main course, the only photo we managed to take of the food - it was far too delicious to not eat straight away!!

Cooking in action - photo taken from the Akaroa Cooking School Facebook page.

Thursday we went out on a dolphin watching cruise and in the afternoon went for a massage. For dinner we had tapas at an Italian restaurant and then lazily wandered on home.

Dolphins 1 copy


The captains little doggy, he let us know where the dolpins were - seriously!

Friday morning was our last day, David ended up going swimming with the dolphins early in the morning while I slept in. We had a late breakfast over looking the harbour, bought a piece of art work (the start of a new wedding anniversary tradition) and meandered on back up to Christchurch where we were staying the night and then catching a very early plane back to Sydney the next morning.

It was such a great holiday - I feel relaxed just thinking about it.
We ate too much good food and drank too much good wine (as you're supposed to right?) and met many amazing and inspirational people.



PS) I did do some outfit shots - but I thought this post was too long to add them, so I'll do them individually.
11 comments on "A Wedding in Three Parts - Part 3"
  1. Sounds wonderful. The food and cottage look amazing.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a really wonderful time. The cooking school thing was a great present idea by your sis. We are going to do a little trip to airlie beach for our honeymoon i think. We don't want to go overseas because we are doing a big trip to the uk in March. i may have to look into what activities we can do while we're there.

  3. Gorgeous! What a lovely little getaway too :D

  4. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, couple cooking lessons are a great idea... I think I should look into that!

  5. What a wonderful place, and your wedding photos are gorgeous, glad you both had a wonderful day xx

  6. Complete and utter bliss! I am in heaven just looking at your lovely photos.

    And the food?? Yum! :)

  7. What an amazing holiday! Sounds like utter bliss. So jealous! x

  8. Fantastic pictures, such a lovely place you stay at, love this sweet little house and room decor!
    my dream to see dolphins like that!
    You're really lucky ;) happy xmas and happy end of year feast ;)

  9. I have LOVED you wedding posts, it looks so simple and sweet!Your invitations are awesome!We are racking our brains about ours:-)

  10. The honeymoon looked delightful Jen :)

    P.S. I love that dress you're wearing on the boat... Dear Golden right?

  11. ahhhh these photos make me so happy and proud to be a new zealander! what a lovely country :)

    you two look gorgeous and make such a beautiful couple.


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