The Longest Night...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I know I'm a bit late to the party, but you guys, it's July already. The shortest day has come and gone and summer is apparently on it's way (if you believe the hype that is. I, personally, am skeptical). It's been sickness and busy-ness and cold around here.

I was reading an article the other day that was talking about the winter solstice - it marks the very centre of the seasons, where the sun goes away to hide for the longest night, and I thought to myself, what a lovely way to think of it. Instead of it being the shortest day, it is instead, The Longest Night.

Now, doesn't that sound cosy? It sounds like the name of the softest inky-blue ball of wool you ever did see. Like the cosiest of nights, tucked up in front of the fire. Like the cold-crispness of a dark and clear winter night with all of the twinkling stars looking down from above.

It's a nice change of perspective. A glass half-full of warm milk with a side of freshly baked cookie. And sometimes, a warm glass of milk, the longest night and a bit of perspective is just what the doctor ordered. Time to breath and re-think.

I've been busy working on new patterns. Two of them. They'll be released at the same time, separately as well as in a bundle, and it's been keeping me pretty busy. But I did find time to finally finish my very first ever roman blind the other weekend. It only took me 2.5 years, and I still have 3 more to go, plus curtains for my sewing room. But all of those combined should only take another 2 years... especially now that I know what I'm doing *wink*.

Stay warm,

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2 comments on "The Longest Night..."
  1. Ha ha I have to say I have lots of personal emontional issues one way I am coping is by reading blogs lots and lots of blogs so I can turn on my phone and there is someone talking to me via their blog I find it comforting/therapeutic. Sometimes I get one blog confused with another or forget who is the writter behind the words of the blog
    So reading yours today I have to say I did not even try to think who you are "just a blog to read and pass some unemotional time" so looking at the title then the baby's leg I thought Oh the longest night the most important night a night to be cherished a night to be remembered always .... the night your baby is born

    Yeah I did figure it out but it was so up lifting to me thinking of all the joy around the arrival of a baby ..... but the joy of the first anniversary of his arrival is so special also

  2. Love the pic of the cloth nappies drying by the fire. I love our cloth nappy collection!


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