Perfecting the Centre Seam - The Hunter Tank Sewing Series

Friday, July 1, 2016
Welcome to the first of The Hunter Tank Sewing Tutorial Series. Today we're going to be looking at getting the perfect centre seam. It's pretty straight forward really, but let's get started shall we?

You'll need - 

Steps -
1. Sew your centre front seam together, right sides facing. Press your seam open.

2. Because there is a 2cm seam allowance included in this particular seam, place a set of basting stitches all the way down the middle of the seam allowance by stitching 1cm (3/8") away from the raw edge, providing you with a guide line for the next stage.

Do this to both sides of this seam allowance.

3. Using your basting stitches as a guide, press your seam allowance in half and tuck your raw edge under.

Because of the light curves in this seam on the Hunter Tank, I like to press it using a Tailor's Ham to help keep the subtle shaping.

4. Press, then secure with a line of stitching as close to the edge as you can get it. Press again and voila, a perfect centre seam every time.

Why not try some contrast stitching down your centre seam next time you're making a Hunter Tank? Have you tried this?

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1 comment on "Perfecting the Centre Seam - The Hunter Tank Sewing Series"
  1. I just finished my Hunter tank. I could have been a touch more careful on this step because this bias edge stretched when I sewed it. It's still cute! I need to get pictures. :)


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