Perfect French Seams - The Hunter Tank Sewing Series

Friday, July 8, 2016

I love French Seams and though I did a tutorial a few years ago, I thought since releasing The Hunter Tank, that it was the perfect time for a bit of a re-fresh.

The Hunter Tank can be almost completely made up with French Seams (except for the centre front) and it's the perfect little pattern to try the technique on if you're new to it.

French Seams are the best kind of seam to use on delicate, light and sheer fabrics, just what The Hunter Tank calls for.  They enclose the raw edge of a seam and produce a beautiful finish on the inside and out, and they aren't hard at all! Let me show you...

You'll need - 

Steps - 

1. Wrong sides together, place a line of stitching 5mm (or 1/4") away from the seam allowance.

2. Press your seam allowances open (use a Tailor's Ham to keep the light angles on the centre back seam of your Hunter Tank in place).

3. Fold your seam in half, right sides together, along your stitched edge and press.

4. Place a line of stitching along the seam allowance again, this time 10mm (3/8") away from the edge. Press and marvel at your beautiful finished French Seam.

Ahhhh, look at how pretty that is, and so easy to boot! You can do a French Seam with any amount of seam allowance really, just make sure both seams equal the seam allowance that your pattern calls for (15mm for Hunter). And make sure your first seam is smaller than the second seam, or trim your first seam down before stitching in your second seam.

French seams can be used on The Hunter Tank for the back centre seam, side seams and shoulder seams.

Have you tried French Seams? Will you give them a go now that you know how easy they are?

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