Me Made May - Week 2

Saturday, May 14, 2016
Hello Everyone!

Well, I have a grand total of one me made outfit to share with you this week - oops!

Wearing: An unblogged Afternoon Shift

I wore that Afternoon Shift for three days in a row (with different stockings) so, it's not like there would have been much point in documenting it right...?

I have been keeping up with my challenge, but documenting it has become more of a challenge than I thought it would be. Oscar has gone down to one sleep a day (great for leaving the house and being social, not so great for productivity on my end) and the days are so short.

Dunedin has been glorious though, it always is this time of year, you'd never know it was nearly winter. It's been better than our non-existant summer in fact - long may it continue.

Don't forget to enter the Miss Maude giveaway too, it ends tomorrow!

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6 comments on "Me Made May - Week 2"
  1. Lovely fabric. You have an amazing eye for matching K xXx

    1. Thank you! er, is it bad to say that I didn't really try to match it?! Tehee, thank goodness for busy prints :)

  2. Love the fabric on this one. I am counting my pyjamas this week. . . ;)

  3. What a lovely colour combination with your dress fabric and your tights. I love this outfit. Xx

  4. but at least its one really cute outfit!!!


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