Goodbye May...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ahhh, May, it's nearly over. Oscar turned one, I turned 30-something and had my first mothers day and Me Made May happened.

I feel a wee bit disappointed that I didn't participate as much in the documentation of Me Made May as I would have liked. I knew it would be hard with a little person, but I found that what I really lacked was the motivation to actually take photos. It was a case of "Oscar is napping - should I take outfit photos or stare into space for an hour?" - I chose staring more times than I care to admit.

I had articles I wanted to write and outfits I wanted to share, but I still wore me made everyday and sewed quite a bit (new snuggly patterns are a-comin'... as well as a summery one or two) and while my knitting languished in a pile beside the part of the couch Oscar can't access (yet) I did think about doing it. And did dream of all the outfits I'd wear with it when it was finished. So, that must count for something...

I think sometimes you have to give yourself a break and realise that it's okay to not do everything you planned to do. It's a little like when you fall into the sewing-just-to-blog rut, it moves on from becoming a fun challenge to just becoming something you feel like you have to do, that is actually no fun at all.

I did so very much enjoy seeing what everyone else was making and wearing though, and of course we had some fabulous prizes throughout thanks to The Fabric Godmother, Miss Maude and Indie Stitches. And then there's Zoe, and well, there wouldn't be a Me Made May without her!

I do so love this little community of ours, and all of the friends I've made (and have yet to make) even though we live on the other side of the world from each other and have never met in real life.

You guys are awesome.

In other news, did you know that Indie Pattern Month starts tomorrow? And that right now, you can buy The Hunter Tank in an awesome bundle along with the Sophie Cardigan, Liana Jeans, Olivia Dress, Zeena Dress and Norah Nightgown?

The bundle is only on sale for another week, ending on the 8th June, so if you fancy some chill out sewing patterns, this could very well be the bundle for you :)

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3 comments on "Goodbye May..."
  1. I too had many plans to sew new things in May which didn't happen! However, I realised I was putting pressure on myself to sew things that I already had perfectly good versions of (albeit RTW)so that I could say that they were handmade, and that it would be better to focus sewing time on things that I actually needed. So I came out of the month with a different objective than I started with, but it has returned sewing to being fun and less like a chore! I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to seeing your new patterns. x

  2. Jen, just to say that when you have a little one then staring into space is REALLY IMPORTANT. And if you already know that you can't do everything at the age of 30 you are wiser by far than I was 33 years ago . My afternoon blouses are coming out with the very reluctant sun in England. Hooray!

  3. Hi Jennifer! I just have to say that though I don't comment as often as I probably should, I look forward to and enjoy all your posts--and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND when you don't make one. You are exactly right about the need to simply say No sometimes. We're people, not machines. No apologies necessary for that, ever--and particularly when a Little Person is in the mix. He's a lot more important than the blog, or keeping track of the Me-Made Challenge, or the _____....

    I love the colors in that Felicity Dress Skirt, by the way. 90% of the time I don't have the space that I need to cut out fabric and set up the sewing machine, but one of these days, when I do, your Bronte and Cressida are on my wish list--and now I'm considering your Felicity, too. :)


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