My Final Felicity Dress

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Hello all!

Well, first of all, thank you so much for all of your comments on my last post. I did try to make it light hearted, but it's still a serious thing and I'm glad I've either reminded many of you to go and have a check up, or have alerted you to take a closer look at that little skin thing you've had for a while that hasn't gone away yet. It could be as harmless as contact dermatitis, or it could be a little more cause for concern. Either way, go get 'em checked!

Now, let's move onto some harmless fun, here is my final Felicity Dress from the Sew Along! I took these the day before my BCC was taken out.

I really do love this dress and the colour combination, it just feels fresh and summery and like I should be eating a massive ice cream on the beach (I wish...).

The only issue is that it's really not very breast feeding friendly, and since I cut it in my usual size, it's a wee bit tight around the bust and waist at the moment (and my boobs are such different sizes right now too! Really, I had no idea this was a thing until it happened to me. It's so much tighter on one side than the other! But I've been assured by many people that they will go back to normal, here's hoping...). This means I probably won't get much wear from it for a little while at least, but I can still look at it and pretend...

There's not really much to write about the dress itself, since I think everything was petty well documented in the Sew Along (?), but if you have any questions, feel free to sing out in the comments :)

Have you sewn up a Felicity Dress? I'd love to see it, I'm hoping to do a little blog round up soon, so leave a link in the comments to yours if you'd like to be included.

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8 comments on "My Final Felicity Dress"
  1. Your finished dress turned out great! I love mine too and I'm hoping to make another one next spring!

    1. Yay Hannah, looks gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing. I'll let you know when the round up post is up:)

  2. Pretty, definitely ice creams on the beach - if only summer would come for long enough! Feel free to include my Felicity dress. It gets so much wear - it's definitely a keeper!

    1. Thanks Nikki! I'm so glad you wear yours lots, will definitely add it into the round up :)

  3. Design some breastfeeding friendly dresses. There aren't many on the market :-).

  4. I love your finished dress! I made a Felicity this past spring and wore it for my college graduation ceremony. Feel free to add it to the round up. You can see it here:

  5. I made two dresses but have only blogged about one: I can't wait to make more. I love this pattern!


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